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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by terrifitz, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. terrifitz

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    HI1 I have a question that may seem dumb, but hey, that is the way I feel right now. How do you descibe FM to others without getting too "medical"? I just need a simple thing to say when someone asks me, What is Fibro"? Thanks for all your help!!
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    If your question is dumb then this reply probably is too. My chiropractor gave me some info that simply said it is a type of Rheumatism (or Arthritis). I realize that doesn't even touch the hem of the garment, but if they really want to know the truth about it then they'll keep asking. Then you can get "medical". Now, . . . just drop this in the rubbish bin when I'm not looking.
    Well Wishes,
  3. babyjoan

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    There are no stupid questions when it comes to FM!! I tell people that I have pain somewhere and sometimes everywhere, 24 hours a day, and I feel like the robot from Lost in Space when someone removes his power pack and he just slumps over. That's about it without becoming to medical. When it becomes to medical peoples eyes just get glazed over and they basically want us to shut up already!!! Hope this helps. Peace

  4. cindye

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    My daughter had a short reply because if you try to really explain it you loose them real soon. She would tell them she was tired all the time and had muscle pain - like arthritis in the muscle instead of the joints. (Everyone has heard about arthritis.) For thos who really cared, she found a letter explaining fibro on one of the web sites - it was very helpful. It explained that because I can do this now does not mean I can do it three hours from now - not sure where she found it - may have been on a guai site. Good luck!
  5. iconracr

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    Most of what I get, WHAT does it FEEL like...

    I say, HAVING THE FLU (fever, swollen glands and all)AND GETTING HIT BY A TRUCK AT THE SAME TIME.

    As far as what it is, I would just say it is in the AutoImmune family that contains. CFS, FMS, Lupus and MS.

    I have also told my friends who have Rheumatoid Arthitis, It is like Arthritis but involved the Muscle not the bone.

    Or, I say the tendons that attach the muscle to the bone swells. It causes extreme pain, fever and fatigue.
  6. purplerose2773

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    I found a great website called Fibrohugs. It has info on how to explain to others what you are going through.
    It has been very helpful to me, hope it is to you. :)
  7. Betzy

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    Hi, What I usually say is this: you get all dressed up to go to a wedding, you are wearing shoes that are a bit too small, and your clothes are just fitting, you eat all night, drink WAY too much and dance every single dance...HOW DO YOU FEEL THE NEXT MORNING?? Every time I say this, peoples faces (adults) get real soft and their eyes look down, and they usually say...."" So..this might be a different way to explain it, and its makes it very personal for someone who is healthy and has never really felt any thing as horrible as this...but most of the time, at least once in their lives, they were at that wedding!!
    Feel good everyone,
  8. cma331

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    Could you be mor especific about the website for fibrohugs?????
    Thanx; Carole
  9. Sunshyne1027

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    I found fibrohugs long ago, and it helped alot too.

    I just say I have a muscle disorder, similair to arthritis. Along with depression, anxiety, sleeping disorder, fatigue, irritable bowel, irritable bladder. Its like a flu, but it don't go away.

    Most of the time, I stumble on explaining it though. Then most people don't stop and want to listen about it really anyways. Don't have to explain much anymore.

    I ordered from this site, pamplets about it. Ordered around 20, got the delivery in the mail within days. I carry them in my purse. If someone asks me what is Fibromyalgia, I give them one of the pamplets. Saves me time on trying to explain it.
  10. elizabethia

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    just like some of you ... i tell people it's like i have the flu all the time....when your skin hurts and even your hair hurts....achey all over and your so tired but can't sleep because you hurt so badly.....(((((((fuzzy hugs)))))))))elizabeth
  11. klutzo

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    I believe she has something there you can print out called a "Guide For Relatives and Friends". I used to hand it out in my support group. It's only about 1 1/2 pages, but explains it well.
  12. bratqb

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    was just looking up old posts and found this one.

    Im returning to work soon after 3 months off with a bad flare. Ive been wondering how the hell i will explain whats wrong with me.. I just know everyone will ask, i work in a school so i will be questioned by at least 50 teachers LOL.. admittidly, some of them are just being plain nosey!!

    This post was really helpful. Thanks guys...

  13. monckton

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    i recieved in my post this morning,my monthly copy of-
    arthritis new,s[from arthritis care]i,ve been a member
    for about is 2pages about this issue
    a part of it is as follow,s--fibromyalgia can be broken into
    3 parts--fibrous tissue like tendons
    and ligament,s-my muscles
    and thirdly---algia--pain.
    i agree with that ,also the statement of flu symptoms.
    it,s great now to know at least this fm is getting more
    recognition by both the media and med.profession,--there
    may be bo cure at present---maybe never,but at least it,s
    a bit of the battle won when more folk are beleiving it is
    not just a figment of our immagination.i was diagnosed
    15yrs. ago and suffer like all from osteoarthritis,so when
    i got this fm as well to contend with some times i just feel
    like jumping out of a window.--but with my luck,--i think
    i would fall up the way[ha,ha]hope you all have a reasonable
    good day.