desease or not a desease

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    Fibromyalgia Can No Longer Be Called the "Invisible" Syndrome
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    This is my opinion, many, many things I have read, and many, many, documented literature, books, etc they refer to fibromyalgia as a "DISEASE"!

    I have looked up the definition of disease and fibromyalgia does indeed fit the criteria ( definition)....

    I also feel that something that has robbed me of so much in this life, and has caused me so much distress, pain and depression has earned to be called "disease"!

    now with that being said I have seen people literally argue, that it is not a disease and they believe it is a syndrome.....I disagree completely, but really what difference does it make....

    whatever this is, it is ugly, mean and has no mercy on the lives it robs it's victims of!


    "in human beings "disease" is often used more broadly to refer to any condition that causes extreme pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems and or death to the person afflicted"! .....................................................................taken in part from the wilkepedia definition of a disease! Now if that does not fit the criteria for those of us with fibromyalgia I do not know what does!

    I say it is definately a "DISEASE"!!!!!!!!!
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    Oh doxy, I whole heartedly agree with you.
    I have referred to fibromyalgia as many, many things...most of which I can say here. lol
    I mostly call it an illness, never refer to it as a syndrome. I just never like that word associated with my "broad symptons" it doesn't seem to be a serious enough word
    and my pain most certainy is!
    And~ it's just sooo much more than that word...the word pain seems to plain for the way fibromyalgia makes me feel.. it just isn't descriptive enough to say how my body feels~ being so full of pain ~pain that aches~ so deep down into my bones that they feel feverish to the touch.
    It feels inflamed, like the heat waves rising from a fire.

    you're so right~ the definition totally fits!
    Surly those who argue the definition do not have FM
    (Notice I dont' use an S after FM, never have, never will)

    I think your analagy is 'Spot on~ and Fibromyalgia should be in the dictionary under "ugly"
    as well as desease.

    I wish you a desease free day ; )