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  1. Mikie

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    I am so sorry at the loss of your dog. I pray for you and your family that you are comforted in your grief.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. Mikie

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    That it happened so fast and you didn't have time to say goodbye. I know your sweet dog knows how much you love her but for you, it was so sudden. Is there some way you can honor her spirit? Just a little gesture like lighting a small candle next to her picture and letting the smoke carry your love and goodby to her might make you feel better. My kids had two beautiful chows and one died suddenly and the other had to be put to sleep soon after. They keep the ashes in containers. Also, they made little round stepping stones in the garden with each dog's name and dates of birth and death.

    When my beloved old cat got suddenly sick and had to be put to sleep, my neighbors had a wake for him. It was short and we all lifted our glasses to "one fine cat." He always walked with me to the neighbors and went in to visit. Everyone loved him. I bought a rock with "friend" etched into it. I planted a bush into the stairwell atrium and put the rock under his bush.

    These are just a few things which I know have helped me and my family with out grieving. I pray for healing for you and your family.

    Love, Mikie

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