Desiccated Thyroid ~~Canadian Users??

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    I'm interested to changing to Armour instead of Synthroid which doesn't seem to be helping at all. I am from Canada and they don't seem to have it here.

    Any Canadians using this product and if so, where did you get it? I saw my dr today, and I am going to get my T3 checked and my TSH titerated.

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    I don't live in Canada, rather in New Hampshire, but I switched to Armour Thyroid at the suggestion of my naturopath. However, it totally screwed my sister up to where my count was 36.6, WAY TOO HIGH!!! My regular doctor immediately put me on Levonthroid and I am doing fine. The problem, I was told, with Armour, is that each and every pill comes out different, meaning the amount of each ingredient, if you will, and that causes the numbers to go up and down or rather way up in my case. I was told that at least with synthetic thyroid supplements, each one shall be the same and will not get messed up. I was so "off" that I could not get off of the couch and all I wanted to do was sleep, moreso than usual, and driving was even a problem. It was awful.

    Just my two cents worth on that particular thyroid. Maybe it will work differently on you.

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    bumping for more input please.
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    I don't know about the brand Armour? I do know that dessicated thyroid is available in Canada. There was a period where it wasn't being produced but it seems to be back in circulation. When it wasn't being produced, there were compounding pharmacies that would make dessicated thyroid capsules for you. Where do you live?
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    I went to a fibro center for my pain and fatigue
    They did a whole bunch of test one of them was a test for antibioties to my thyroid hormone. It has something to do with reverse T3.

    Anyway to make a long story short. Even though all my testing my FP was taking TSH, T4, and T3 were comming out normal my body was fighting against them.

    Just a thought.

    You could probably do an intenet search on reverse T3 and it would give you the info without Fibro Fog interferring.
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    My endocrinologist wouldn't prescribe Armour Thyroid for me for exactly the reasons explained by Neicee. She much prefers drugs like almost all endocrinologists I think although I do think that it is available in Canada after not being sold here for some time.

    I started taking T100 which my ND sells and I think it has finally helped kick my thyroid into gear along with the Synthroid (T4) and Cytomel (T3). The drugs were not working on their own.

    T100 (thyroid adrenals) has not been available OTC in Canada since the spring of this year. I was told by the person at the health food store that Health Canada has outlawed the stuff because of the dangers of mad cow, etc. I do not know if they have reversed that ruling yet.