Desoxyn Info Needed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kckernriver, Feb 7, 2006.

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    I am looking for some (any)--POSITIVE not negative--info and/or references concerning using desoxyn as a fatigue treatment for ME that I can give me doctor. I know I ran across one tiny ref stating that desoxyn was very much easier on the body--physically as well as mentally-- than the amphetamines. In fact, it would be the drug of choice if only it didn't have the word "METH"-amphetamine. Especially since they're handing out death sentences for anyone caught with a Sudafed tablet these days (where I see the flu--they see "Oh my God...meth lab...YOU'RE BUSTED!!). Anyway, I can't seem to find hardly ANY ref to desoxyn at all, let alone positive!! After a 15-yr battle/struggle, I found a doc willing to help, and I'm lucky I'm getting Dexadrine. But amphetamines make you nervous, anxious, keeps you awake, but does not do much toward supplying the "energy" we need to function. Whereas, methamphetamine is quite mellow, no "bad-tude" come-down, mild side effects, AND helps you function!! Anyway, I'm on a CRUSADE to find hardcopy of this, and then maybe, just maybe, get my much-needed medicine...LEGALLY FOR A CHANGE--Gee, what a concept!!!!

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