Despair -- How to Deal

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    Isn't Nick Voichek (sp) amazing. I watched a video of him and will occasionally catch him on the christian radio station I listen to. I cried from the video. How many people could live as he does......he's most definitely filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit.

    About a month ago I was leaving the doctor's office, feeling down, and stopped at a starbucks. There was a young mother in there with her young 8 year old daughter who had MS. Such patience she had. Then coming out I got into the car and turned on the radio. Well, there was Nick speaking. I really got out of my pity party.

    We all have those times, and if we feed it, it will continue to grow and bring us down.

    Leah. I'm sorry you were having a bad time last night. Hope your spirits are inproved today.

    I've also listened to Joyce Meyers, and have read books by Joni Erickson Tada. Very inspirational.