Desperate for prayers: son disappeared w/o seizure meds

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sweetpeas, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. sweetpeas

    sweetpeas New Member

    Help! I need you guys to storm heaven with your prayers for my son's safety and health. He's triple-diagnosis: suicidal depression, drug/alchol abuse, and has grand mal epilepsy. According to the note he left, he was only going on a quick bike ride from 7:30 to 8:15 a.m. I didn't find the note until one p.m. and was originally somewhat optimistic that he'd return before dark--wrong. Before it got dark, I was finally able to get through to the right hospital and rehab program that he'd agreed to. We were pretty down in the dumps because we'd reached so many dead ends before. Found out my medical benefits are better than I thought--he's got one week detox, then one to two months in-hospital intensive care, then six months intensive outpatient care with group and individual counseling available. They were willing to see him today, but he was no where to be found!!!!! I've called friends--no one has heard from him. I AM SOOOO WORRIED AND AM HAVING A HECK OF A TIME GIVING IT OVER TO GOD. He needs the meds and drinking with what he's taking could prove fatal. It's raining here and cold, and I am sooooo worried. I am desperate to have my son survive--alive--and get help. Please pray for him in your church or youth groups. He needs divine intervention and a miracle now.
  2. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`m so sorry your going through all this. Praying that God will put his white light of protection around him an bring him home safe. Keep us updated.

  3. Posey

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    I am most certainly sending my prayers up for you and your son. It is hard enough just to sit up and wait up for a child that is late coming home but in a situation it has to be almost unbearable.

    Maybe he is a little afraid to go for the medical help he's needing. That can be a little overwhelming for anyone!

    May God watch over your son and give him peace and comfort and protect him. Also, may God watch over you and give you peace in your heart along with wisdom and guidance.

    Please keep us informed and let us know when he comes home.

    Many hugs,
  4. MusicTeacher

    MusicTeacher New Member

    This is awful for you - I guess the rock bottom for your son is arriving? I praise God that you have a rehab situation in hand but I'm also guessing he's pretty scared about it too. His life will change - he knows it will have to - that must be pretty frightening for him and maybe that's why he's done a runner?

    Remember though - God knows where he is and God also knows your pain as his Mum. Tell God all about it and then let go. As a friend sometimes says to me "Let Go and Let God". It's SO hard to do though, especially when it's your child you're talking about.

    Upholding you in prayer Sweetpeas and also seeking God's protection for your son too.

    God bless
    Music Teacher (UK)
  5. Dulcimerkid

    Dulcimerkid New Member

    Dear Sweetpeas,
    I have been wondering what has been happening with you and your son.
    You are definetly in my prayers for the both of you for both of your health and well being.
    I know it;s hard to hold on but keeping trusting that the Lord will give the strength you need to get through this dark time.

    Love your Sister in Christ,
  6. sambodhi

    sambodhi New Member

    I am sending good thoughts and Buddhist prayers your way. I know you are Christian, but every little bit helps! I hope your son returns safely!
  7. dash

    dash New Member

    Dear Lord,

    I lift up Sweetpeas and her son to You. I ask that You surround her son with a mighty force of angels to protect him from himself and any danger or evil he may be facing. Reveal his whereabouts to her.

    I thank You, Father, that Sweetpeas has an avenue to get him the treatment he so desperately needs. Now, I ask that You soften his heart and give him a desire to know You and find deliverance.

    Bless Sweetpeas, sweep her anxiety away and give her a supernatural calmness of spirit.

    In Jesus' name I pray,

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