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    This is kind of spoilerish, so if you don't want to know what's in store on Housewives, back away now!

    I originally posted this on the other Housewives thread. But after thinking about it, I decided it would be better to post this separately, so it could be labeled as a SPOILER on the subject line. Don't want anyone accidentally stumbling onto this, who doesn't want to know.

    I was reading a discussion about the finale on another board, which lead me to an article on This may not actually be a spoiler, since it was not labeled as such where I read it. And I think now, that we were supposed to understand this all from watching the finale.

    Last chance to back away.................

    Apparently, that view of 5 years into the future is where next season picks up. All the child actors have been fired ...Danielle, Julie, Dylan, and all the Scavo kids. The Scavo kids will be replaced with teens. And Gabby and Carlos' daughters, Juanita and Celia are here to stay. James Denton who plays Mike - may be gone too.

    They had to work pretty hard to ugly Gabby up to play the former model who has let herself go. And there is mention of how her awkward daughters don't live up to her standards of beauty, and that is a constant source of frustration in the household. It will be fun to see selfish Gabby thrust into the role of motherhood!

    Well, I am shocked! I didn't realize that this view of the future was the new present. It went right over my head. Apparently, other people got it though. But after thinking about the possibilities, it could be kind of fun, and an interesting way to start fresh. There may be flashbacks involving the characters who are leaving, to explain how things came to be as they are.

    If you want to read the details, and why they chose to do this, check out the article here:

    (As a Lost fan, I am a little ashamed of myself that I didn't take this flashforward seriously. I thought I was well trained for critical tv viewing! Next thing you know, the Smoke Monster will move into Edie's old house, or dead people will show up at the block party! But if that happens, I will be ready!)
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    I don't know this for a fact, but these kinds of evening "soaps" have to continually come up with more and more outlandish story lines to keep people coming back. DH has pretty much done every possible scenario within the present group of characters.

    I am finding the same is true of Grey's Anatomy. These shows definitely have a shelf date.

    Love, Mikie