desperate need for doctor in Utica ny

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    I have been receiving a real runaround in trying to find someone anyone in my area that takes my insurance, Fidelis. complete nightmare and at the end of my rope. if anyone out there sees this and knows of someone please please let me know. level ten pain. On crutches for an ankle injury. this means I don't leave my bed very often. I need my life back.
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    Maybe someone here has the same insurance as you but it seems your insurance company would have a list of all the doctors in your area. If you want to find someone knowledgable about CFS or FM, I would go to, a website for integrative medicine doctors. There's a search feature at the top of the page under health resources where you can find practitioners in your area, and then you could see if any of them take your insurance.

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    thank you for that. I tried it and I received a result of zero. I am basically being told to live with my extreme pain. I am faking it and go see a psychologist. I was diagnosed over four years ago. The sub par doctor I had then no longer takes my insurance. Drove an hour and a half away last fri. Get there and through appointment to be told at then end of it he doesn't treat fibromyalgia. Nice right? also told me I am overweight, do light exercise (umm severe ankle injury), and follow up with my primary. I am not over weight actually, put on ten pounds being laid up, didn't need that reminder of how unfunctioning I am right now.
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    Have you seen a Rhuematologist? Dr Martin Morell is on the web as an MD in Uticia who treats fibromyalgia,
    not sure if He takes your insurance. Contact info:

    4401 Middle Settlement Rd Suite 106
    New Hartford, NY 13413
    (315) 724-5353 (Office)

    Good luck
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    I'm not clear which you deal with FM or CFS or both. I was given the FM dx in 1999 and never saw a FM doc....I've learned MOST here and online and worked with a lot of supplements to keep pain levels down. Actually an endo I went for thyroid issues made the FM dx....he wanted me on guiafienson (sp) and I did not go with that can find his work online: Dr. St Amand and FM.

    I do take Ibuprofen three times per day and deal also with nasty all over osteoarthritis....see a integrative rheumy for her work and do acupuncture weekly.

    Take DGL daily to keep my stomach happy from the ibuprofen use.

    I did a hip replacement in 2010 and ended up with a mess of complications; nerve damage, leg discrepancy and IT band damage....

    So that is what I work with but the FM issues are minor in my whole scheme of it....I take some B vitamins to keep Calmed down as the nerves can make it all tense... and higher doses of MSM for pain 3 times per day....

    So many of us here do our own work and learn so much from one

    Thyroid dsyfunction is a huge issue and SO MANY don't get proper support, for years I was told by some on a thyroid group, FM and thyroid are a major connection....
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    he doesn't take my crapy insurance either. Primary doesn't and wont and basically is an idiot. No rhuematolists in my area treat fibromyalgia. I seriously can not deal with the level of idiots I have dealt with over the last three months.
    No one available or willing to treat me.
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    Have you looked at the ProHealth ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Doctor Database?

    Here are two doctors in Utica that you could look at to see if they accept your insurance:

    If not, you can look at the entire list for New York here:

    There are several listed in Syracuse:

    This information is made available as a convenience "as-is" and ProHealth does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies. Inclusion in the Good Doctor List does not represent an endorsement by ProHealth nor verification of professional standing. Always check with an appropriate local agency, the American Medical Association (AMA) or American Board of Medical Specialties before engaging the services of any physician.