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    hi i am here in montreal, and suffering quite a bit with all the symtoms we all have, but recently it is gettting worse and i am not happy with the doctors i have. i am having blood clots coming from my nose, from a recent operation i had from my sinuses. I hardly could speak most of the time, my immune system is down, i could on and on but it would take up the day. My doctor just hurries me up like all his other patients, and I am so not happy, I am feeling so down on these doctors here, there must be one here I do not know about or where I could find one.........please help if you can.........sharon
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    Hi Sharon -

    I am from Montreal! I don't know of any FM docs per say but I do know your frustration. My doc "hurried" me for 2 years with little results. I have just switched docs, but he is not a specialist, nor does he believe FM is validated illness - he thinks FM diagnosis is given when docs can't find the problem. He is just a regular family doc but has referred me to a rheumatologist.

    I'd be happy to help Sharon but I will need to email you with the info as my doc will not appreciate his name being thrown out there.

    I need yr email address. I will send you some info.

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    Hi - I knew this doctor's name sounded familiar! You answered my post (plea?) for good doc in Montreal. I never did find any info, nor a tel # for him.

    In any event, this message will bump for Sharon!