Desperately need a great rheumie/fibro dr. I'm in Los Angeles and would

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  1. lizard1961

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    Like to find one who is connected with cedars sinai hospital. Please bump! Thanks
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    I live in the inland valley and checked it out. I found a Dr. in Diamond Bar that I'm going to see on friday. She takes all type of health insurance. You might find what you need on the website or just go to cedars web site.
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    Do check out - it's a website for integrative medicine doctors. There are some very good ones in Los Angeles and would bet you could find one who has privileges at Cedars Sinai. acam has a link to find integrative med drs in the U.S. and Canada.

    I've seen two integrative doctors in L.A. area, Hans Gruenn and David Allen, for CFS, and know there are several more.

  4. lbconstable

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    A.R. Franco practices in Riverside and understands fibromyalgia. His approach restored me to functioning a very normal life. He has collaborated with Garth Nicolson on his work with Mycoplasma. He is also active in "The Road Back Foundation." He's a lovely man that actively listens to his patients.
  5. lbconstable

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    Yes he does employ abx therapy for RA and auto immune conditions. He also has worked very closely with David Berg and addresses hypercoagulation issues with lumbrokinase and/or Heparin. And uses Transfer Factors against viruses.

    I found him by calling Hemex (when David Berg was running it) and they recommended Dr. Franco.

    I haven't seen him for years, but have an appointment scheduled in a couple of weeks. I'm managing pretty well, but am under extreme stress and just thought I'd get his opinion.
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