Desperately Seeking Fibro Compassionate Physician Charlotte NC area

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    Flowing a heart attack, I received a letter from my primary care physician that she cou ld no longer treat me. I've been to a new Dr but she will only rx Cymbalta or lyrica to me. Cymbalta doesn't work for me and Lyrica makes my depression horrific. I said I didn't care if it was narcotic or non narcotic, I just needed relief! The answer was still the same. If you know of a good dr please let me know ! Thank you !
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    but there is tons of info here on what has helped so many here....I never went to an MD for fibro although Dr. St Amand told me I had Fibro when I went to him for thyroid help...I believe thyroid and fibro are so connected....I don't know that there are FM docs specifically, St Amand was an endo turned FM specialist, he allegedly had became the expert....

    Conventional MD's will want to write the scripts for the big 3 meds, that's what they do.

    An integrative MD could do a lot more good....working on the whole body.

    Dr. St Amand is big on guiafenison and I resisted taking it, I know Mikie here speaks highly of it for her can buy it otc and PH even sells it...

    Magnesium is critical and I take high doses daily and I also have been taking MSM in powder form for pain, for many much has to be tried....

    There are so many supps that many of us take for the FM much has to be addressed and the big 3 drugs are purely bandaids with lots of side effects...jam
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    I believe there are online forums of those taking it and discussing their results....I know some from an FM group who tried it and were not successful or maybe they didn't take it's not an easy med/supp to take.

    My issue is MORE arthritis and I ache more from that lower back stuff I deal with...a lot of messy OA.

    Some believe FM is inflammatory and many do not, I happen to believe inflammation is involved and since I'm taking Anatabloc for over 3 months now I have less arm and shoulder aching.....many with FM also have the arthritis factors.
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    No joy from reading the "Good Doctor " nearer the top of this board?

    They are hard to come across, like gold dust here in Britain, i hope someone within your area is able to help. The only alternative is to find one who is willing to learn. Again i dont know if they are rarer. My doctor was extremely arrogant and use to ridicule me about fibro, however, the more research that was carried out the more responsive he became, and dropped the attitude. Its bad when you have to wait for your doctor to catch up in order to believe you. I did often supply him with the latest medical research.

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    It's a website of integrative medicine doctors, who are much more likely to be knowledgable about FM and effective ways of treating it. If you scroll over "health resources" near the top of the page, you'll find a link to search for IM doctors in your area.

    Good luck! I have the same problem with CFS - 99% of doctors either don't believe it's real or don't have a clue what to do about it, most often both.