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    I am needing anyone who can help me find out what happened to my niece..her name was Bernadette Theodoseau..she died Feb 13 2002........I need to know what happened and at the end of my sister and I are at odds and my family and I were told of her death after she was buried..this has been difficult for us and we need closure and finality...she had a friend that she met on a web site...I am hoping someone can help and point me in the right direction or someone out there knows who she is and what happened...please help me and it will stay private..if you know of a way to put this out please do...I love her and just need to know..she and I both suffered from chronic fatigue..she was 19yrs old and had her whole life ahead of her...I am an example of overcoming it...please if you can help me please do and you can just email

    God Bless You