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    I spent my entire Friday night in the ER for NO ANSWERS. I wrote a post in the Fibro room explaining my ordeal and hoping for some input, direction or answers as to whats wrong.

    Please say a prayer for me..."something" is so wrong and I feel like the doctors are missing what the problem is. Im still feeling crappy and Im very depressed and scared. The worst is the exhaustion I feel...

    I know I cant keep up being this sick and exhausted and esp now that I am suffering from something "unknown"...Im really beginning to get so discouraged and I have NO FAITH in doctors anymore.

    thanks for oyur help.

    -Diane (or should I call myself Discouraged Diane...maybe Ill change my name in here).

  2. Sandyz

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    I feel the same frustration with the doctors. I was just in on Friday and althought the doctor was very kind, I really think he thinks FM is just something depressed people get. It is so annoying.

    I`ve been feeling really sick too, sometimes I feel like I should be in the hospitol I feel so bad. But the doctors just send me home with a condescending pat on the back. I don`t like to be negative but I have given up on the doctors.

    We just have to hang on to our support for each other and faith that God will give us relief from this DD someday in the near future.

    Sending thoughts and prayers for you.
  3. NewEnglander

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    I so understand you when you say you have no faith in doctors, but have faith in the Lord.
    I pray before every doctors appointment, I pray the Lord would send his spirit before me and be my adovate.

    also I pray for the wisdom of God for doctors.

    I am praying for you, hang in there, I'm very sick right now too and soo tired. but I know the Lord will get me through this and you too. we are here to support one another so don't change your name. k
    hang in there

    love lisa
  4. PrayerWarrior316

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    I know how discouraging and frustrating it can be dealing with some doctors. Especially when you have Fibro and extreme exhaustion to deal with also.

    Hang in there, We are all here for you and we are all praying for you.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    I am sorry you've had such a rough experience at the ER Friday. I read your post over on the other board. Reactions to dye injections on imaging tests can be sudden and be very severe.

    Over twenty years ago when I got my first fibro diagnosis, I went to the doctor with symptoms of pleurisy.

    Now, just last week during a pre-op exam, I discussed with my pc doc about this horrible fist like pain I had under my left rib cage under the breast. It was swollen and it was getting so I couldn't wear a bra. She pressed gently on it, and I thought I was going to take a trip to Mars. She said it was costochondritis. She told me its very painful and can make it hard to breath.

    Believe me one or two doses of vioxx aren't going to make the pain and swelling go away. It would take consistent anti-inflamatory treatment to get any results, and they aren't guarenteed.

    I am telling you, we posters remind me of the woman who had an issue of blood, who had spent all she had to treat her illness and suffered much at the hands of doctors.

    When we are so desperate, it's hard for us to remember that doctors are just fallable men and women. They don't have all the answers. Some of them are very good and some of them are very bad.

    Jesus is our only constant we can rely on. We need to keep reaching for Him like that woman who in faith reached out for the hem of His garment and knew that she would receive healing.

    Sometimes that healing is clear and miraculously, instantaneously complete. Sometimes it is slow and a progressive return to health. Sometimes it comes to us through doctors God gifts us with. Sometimes it is what I call a gifting of endurance. We aren't healed physically, but we are healed emotionally and spiritually enough to press onward in Him.

    We need to have faith and when one of us is weak and tired, others must come alongside and fill in the breach and hold that person up.

    I pray Diane that you receive God's blessing and grace, His healing and His comfort in this new trial. I am asking others to join me in praying that a hedge of protection be placed around you; that He set His angels to guard over you and protect you from every attack of the enemy.

    Love in Christ,