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    I'm 26 years old. I noticed my first symptom seven years ago. My right leg felt "heavy" and clunked on the ground when I would walk. It went away so I dismissed it. Since then I've had double vision that has forced me off the freeway. The double vision comes and goes. In the past couple of years I've gotten worse. I have reoccurring weakess in my arms and legs. Sometimes it stays for a few days and sometimes weeks. When I'm sick I get very weak. I can't walk or get up from the toilet. I can not run anymore. I can not get up from the ground without using an object to pull myself up. Some days it's impossible for me to carry my 16 month old son. I avoid stairs and curbs. My doc that gave me the ANA test says there is something wrong but he doesn't know what it is. I saw a Neurologist who did a nerve shock test on my legs. He told me to join a gym and basically blew me off. I know some people think it's in my mind but I know my own body and something is wrong.
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    Sounds rough, I hope you will find help soon and someone who believes you.

    I'm not sure what the ANA test is, what does it show?
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    I agree.... So sorry you are suffering. If you get through all testing and no one can tell you whats wrong, go to a rhuemetologist (SP?) Thorough testing should be done first, be pushy and annoying with your doctor if you have to. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.....Many of us have gone through Drs. that say it's all in our head. What a joke, if they only could feel the pain we all have, things sure would be different. Hang in there. We all care