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    My husband and I have been separated now over one year.... I swear he was the cause of my un-relentless stress which triggered this FM. He is bi-polar and self medicates with alcohol and drugs... The last year has been extremely difficult with it just being me and our 12 year old girl. He is hiding behind his parents and they are enabling him to dodge all of his responsibilites . I know I have legal recourse but it all seems like an up-hill battle. I do have a very good job, but with it comes lot's of stress.
    I think they are sitting back waiting for me to fall flat on my face... The real kicker is everyone except my husband's brother has cut off all contact even from our daughter !! No birthday or holiday acknowlegement !! Even with FM which makes my life very difficult, I am determined to go on and show them. One sad thing I've noticed about people in general.... when you can no-longer do anything extra for them ( because of your own limitations) they have no further use for you. I hope we all find our way amid this illness and the coming year brings us some good things.
    At Least We Have Each Other !!!!
    L Sue
  2. susabar

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    It is true and I already do feel sorry for these people who have so much money and material wealth but are so poor otherwise. I feel bad that my daughter is connected to these people. Her and I have so much... I used to feel resentful that my parents couldn't provide all those things that made you part of the crowd growing up. We were working class people. BUT my parents raised us and gave us family values which is something my husband did not get.
    Thanks guys !!!

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