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    Please see my "Is this CFS" post from 3/1. My body's been flooded with toxins, and while I've been doing gentle detox on and off for 6+ months, I keep getting these "toxin dumps", where my body tries to get rid of a bunch of junk, and it sends my body for a loop. I often get terrible migraines (nothing helps; have to wait 2-5 days for them to subside), and I strongly suspect this is what has triggered the latest flares of my CFS (including a current one).

    I know the drinking tons of water, eating healthy, taking my vitamins, etc., etc. routine. I'm just wondering if you have any other advice. Thanks for your help, and I am open to chatting, etc., if that would be easier than a back-and-forth thread on the board.

    Thanks again!
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    Couldn't find post. Thanks. I am using some homeopathic drainage remedies (prescribed by my ND) from a company called UNDA. Good quality stuff...made in Europe to their standards. I would take 5-8 drops 2x a day, usually for a week or so, but I often would have to back off 'cause I'd get a migraine, skin rash, or other sign that it was too much, even with a very gentle dose. I'm really sensitive to stuff, so I would have to do it in little waves. Again, this is way gentle detox...dr. has me go very slow on everything and couldn't believe how many problems I had with even baby doses. But I am so flooded with toxins from years of poor nutrition as a child, bad mono in college, lots of bad MD tx. and loads of Rx meds, you know the drill.



    - I can chat in one of the rooms if that would be easier...I just checked and they are pretty empty right now, if you are still online.
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    hi - just a small comment here. I have a gentle detox homeopathic that was given to me by my NAET practitioner and I reacted very strongly to it. I then read the ingredients and realized that it is 25% Ethanol. I have become violently sensitive to any form of alcohol since getting CFS and should have known to check for that in the first place but didn't. I am going to try it one drop at a time and see if I still react. Many many people with CFS and fibro too I believe have alcohol intolerance and the migraine may be related to that too as my sister-in-law with Fibro gets migraines with even one small glass of wine.

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    I currently am detoxing with the help of my doctor. He has me doing detox bathes, a honey-glutathione protocol, and taking certain supplements.

    My recommendation to you would be to make sure you're taking magnesium(chelated) and selenium(by Jarrow) as he said this is very important to help detox, and make sure you are taking glutathione. If you don't have enough glutathione, as most of us don't and it certainly sounds like you don't then we have to supplement.

    If you want look up my name and find the honey-glutathione protcol and the bathes. You could give them a try. I think this will help alot! You're probably stirring up the toxins , but not excreteing them, thus you feel like
    s--t. If you have access to a sauna, if the heat doesn't bother you try sitting in one of those.

    The book my doctor has me reading is called "Detoxify or Die, by Sherry Rogers, MD and she really supports taking glutathione and sitting in saunas. Apparently, it gets alot of the toxins out. But if you detox w/o glutathione, you can get really sick. It takes equal parts of glutathione to excrete equal parts of toxins...for example, for every molecule of metal/pesticide you must have equal molecule of glutathione in order to get rid of the toxic molecule. Does that make sense? So it takes alot of glutathione in order to clean our bodies out.

    Hope this helps and feel better soon.


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