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    what are the steps to take to detox from medications, etc. i think i need to do this as i've been taking (2-3) 500 mg vicoden's daily, (2) 50 mg lyrica daily, (1) 20 mg prozac daily, and vitamins (magnesium, multi, B-6, and calcium) for at least three to four months straight. The only thing that varies is the vicoden (sometimes less/sometimes more). i think i need a break, but am unsure of what to do. if possible, would someone forward a list. i appreciate this so...much.
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    do you mean you want to reduce your vicoden for awhile? i would think your doc should help you. i know when i weaned from narcotics my doc recomended reducing by no more than 1/4 of the dosage every three days, but then increasing it slightly if i started having withdrawal symptoms, yawning, sleepy feeling. this worked for me. blessings to you. jen102
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    You might also take some liver and kidney support products, if you are not already doing so. A search should turn up more information.

    You should not cut back on or quit any prescription medication without your physician's knowledge.