Detoxification Clay / Clay Foot Baths Work Well for Me

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  1. Waynesrhythm

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    I feel detox clay foot baths are one of the most effective and beneficial detoxification methods because of their simplicity and also because of their immediate results. They can also usually be done without initiating detoxification or herxing reactions. In fact, I use them primarily to relieve detoxification symtpoms.

    One thing I experience a lot is deep nausea, and of course associated deep fatigue. When this happens, I feel my body is dealing with a lot of toxicity running through my blood stream.

    Doing clay foot baths can draw a lot of this toxicity directly out of the body, bypassing the normal detoxification channels involving the skin, liver, kidneys, colon, etc. This saves our precious energy and also minimizes wear and tear on the detoxification organs.

    I ALWAYS feel relief from my symptoms when doing one of these foot baths. I feel it removes heavy metals and various pathogens. It apparently has a lot to do with adsorption of materials that are oppositely charged.

    I will also use a footbath if I'm feeling I need a "break" from CFS. When I begin to feel down, I have learned it is very often because of a toxic overload I'm experiencing in my brain. This can happen even when I don't have particularly serious nausea at the time. Again, I ALWAYS get some degree of relief.

    If you're interested in doing this, the following steps can get you going.

    1) Order some high quality clay (usually bentonite) in bulk - I get mine from a company called evenbetternow. They also have excellent information on detoxification.

    2) Use 1/2 cup of clay and blend in a quart of water for 10-15 seconds. It will quickly begin to thicken, so pouring it out before it gets too thick will make it easier to handle.

    3) Pour into a "tote" bucket. Good sized plastic buckets that will accommodate the length of your feet can be found at any retail box store.

    4) Fill the tote bucket with comfortably warm to hot water so there is enough to cover the soles of your feet (approx. 3-4 inches).

    5) Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. I usually try to do something relaxing like reading or even some sort of polarity exercises.

    6) ENJOY! I usually do mine for 30-45 minutes and it really does give a break to the body and psyche.

    We're all different and can experience different reactions from various therapies. I read and have mildly experienced that doing these footbaths can create somewhat of a "gripping" sensation in the gut.

    This apparently is a mobilization of toxins. If these toxins cannot be drawn out quickly enough into the clay water, then it would be best to limit the foot bath time. After experiencing a bit of this the first couple of times, I no longer notice it.

    I'm just remembering also that clay can "chelate" some minerals out of the body, so it is recommended to space them out to approximately every other day. I don't remember this being considered a significant problem however.

    Regards, Wayne
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  2. mbofov

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    This sounds very interesting. I've read several posts about detox foot pads which I guess work on the same principle. I've never tried them, I guess I didn't think they could really work. But I do have problems with detoxing, a very hard time taking things like chlorella or even apple cider vinegar.

    So if this could just draw toxins out of the bottom of my feet without having to recirculate throughout my body, it would be great. I will add this to my list to give a try when I get a little extra money.

    Thanks for posting!

    Best wishes,

  3. Gosia

    Gosia New Member

    Hi Wayne

    Thank you for the information. I will defenetly try it.

    Right now I'm useing foot patches. They are very good but very expencive.

    BTW. I love kinesiology. It help me a lot to gain my health back.

  4. monalisa3

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    Thank you also for this information. Very intersting! I have started doing epsom salt baths for muscle relaxation and detox a couple of times a week. I always feel very drained afterwards and go straight to bed. Perhaps every other day I can do a clay foot bath... Definitely food for thought.

    Mbofov- I didn't realise nor did I know that apple cider vinegar can detox. I use this vinegar all the times in my salads as it's healthier (tastes very good too) than normal vinegar. What does it detox?
  5. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    I spoke to a naturopath on the phone yesterday, and she recommended the clay foot baths to begin. I think the brand she uses is LL's Magnetic Clay. She said she tested her mercury levels before and after, and they went down after 6 full baths.

    The full baths seem kind of messy, but the foot baths are doable. How do you know they are 70% of the full bath?

    Also, someone mentioned in the above post that a lady chelated too much calcium? What kind of support do I need so I don't become too weak? I'm in the throes of a CFS relapse that's been ongoing for 11 1/2 months. I've had CFS off/on for 7 years.

    Tell me all you know about the clay footpaths.

    Thanks for your input.

  6. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi Wayne
    I read this with interest.

    I came across some Dead Sea Mud face mask packs I had & thought what the hey & decided to use them on my feet.

    I put the mud all over my feet and then to assure heat I wrapped them tightly in clingfilm (think you call it seranwrap?)

    I waited about an hour and rinsed it off in warm water.

    My feet felt lighter and pain free - I do have a lot of that burning pain on the soles of my feet.

    The wellness feeling only lasts a while (maybe 1/2 a day) but just the same a nice feeling of having normal feet!

    I'll use up my spare face packs this way when my feet really burn, then look into proper clay.

    Best wishes
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  7. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    HI Whayne,
    I was taking a look at their other products. Have you tried any of them? have you tring the Ionized water?? or the chelator? I thought I would ask before I order anything.

    Thanks~ GigglePoet
  8. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member


    Have you checked other places to see if you can get the same thing cheaper? Also every try the iflora. One doctor I know said it is the only one he has ever found that actually works?

    ~ GigglePoet
  9. cct

    cct Member


    This is a great idea!


    I know about clay facial masks, drinking bentonite clay, and taking spa mud baths, but I never thought about a foot bath.

    If you can put it on your face, drink it, and soak your body in it, why not a nice warm foot soak?

    I think that I will give it a try!

  10. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi CherylSue,

    I’ve read about the benefits of clay for many years. And have used clay in the past, mostly for skin blemishes. It wasn’t until recently that I started using clay far more regularly with the foot baths. They’ve been working great for me as I’m able to control some minor detoxification I’m experiencing from drinking ozonated water. I’m posting some additional clay bath information at the end of this post.

    I’ve been using LL’s Magnetic Clay from a company called evenbetternow. I thought it was a bit expensive, and since I’m going to need to order more soon, I’m doing a bit of research on my options. As of now, will likely do an order from American Colloid Co. They have a product called HPM-20 that comes in 50 lb. sizes for about $60. Much cheaper than the LL Magnetic Clay.

    GigglePoet and others interested in buying bulk clay – I recommend doing a search on “eytonsearth”, and finding their website. Then click on “buying clay”, then click on “finding clay”. This whole site has great information on the versatility of clay and how to use it.

    CherylSue, the 70% figure I mentioned was from the evenbetternow website I like. I don’t know how they came up with that figure, but for me it’s not relevant for my situation. What matters the most for me is that I have a great deal of control over my rate of detoxification so as to not have it become overwhelming.

    I’m able to do this by 1) using either more or less clay in the water, 2) keeping my feet in the water for shorter or longer periods of time, and 3) appropriately spacing out the intervals between foot baths. The gauge I use for myself is whether I feel better or worse (or weak as you mention) afterwards. I never want to feel weaker, and so far I haven’t.

    Sometimes after dong a foot bath, I’ll feel like a load has been lifted from my body, and begin to feel “lighter”. Other times I’ll experience a noticeable pickup in energy. Another thing that has happened is I’ll feel nothing at all. I then begin to discover my energy subtly picking up 2-3 hours later. It’s always been a plus for me.

    I sometimes get concerned about some of the pretty extreme herxing (detoxification) reactions people on this board experience from doing various protocols. I tend to think they are often unnecessary and could be greatly alleviated by using these types of foot baths and other therapies like FIR saunas, etc. Coffee enemas can also be invaluable when faced with a serious herxing reaction. I look at the foot baths as by far the easiest and gentlest of all of these options. But also highly beneficial.

    GigglePoet – I did order evenbetternow’s chelation product, but have not used it consistently. Am holding off on delving much further into more potent detoxification until after I start the methylation cycle block supplements (hopefully tomorrow). If these supplements restore my methylation cycle and raise my glutathione levels, it will be a tremendous boost for my body and allow me explore further detoxification options. — I’ve not heard of the iflora you mentioned and am not sure what it is.

    Diva55 - What a great idea and great results from your creative use of your spare face packs to improve your feet. Getting such good results so quickly seems like it would portend good things ahead for you. Thanks for sharing.

    cct - You’re right, there are almost innumerable ways to use clay. And it’s been done all throughout history. If you can do all these things with clay, as you ask, “Why not a warm foot bath?” Not only does it detoxify so well, but your feet feel great afterwards!

    Regards to all, Wayne

    The following is excerpted from the eytonsearth website:

    - Dr. Miriam Jang, M.D. , author of "Breakthroughs In Autism", a synopsis of the DAN protocol.

    "...I have put a huge number of patients on these clay baths and the levels of heavy metals – mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium have come down dramatically…I have been monitoring the levels of metals using all three methods (TD DMPS, oral DMSA and clay baths) and the clay baths are way faster in the removal of metals...”

    ..."One particular patient had very high levels of mercury and levels of lead that were off the charts. In 3 months of twice weekly clay baths, the lead came down dramatically and the mercury disappeared. The muscle weakness associated with high lead levels improved dramatically. Interestingly enough, another 5 months of these clay baths showed even lower levels of lead but the mercury reappeared. This supports the theory that mercury is sequestered in different areas of our body and it takes time to get it all out."

    Additional Excerpted Information

    Taking a therapuetic clay bath, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, is one of the most effective methods in existence to help assist the body in the elimination of toxic substances which have accumulated in the body. Clay baths stimulate the lymphatic system and deeply cleanse the body's largest breathing organ ( the skin ). Acting both directly on the body and acting as a systematic catalyst, clay used in this manner interacts directly with the body's immune system, and helps to remove the post-digestive burden placed on the major organs of the body.

    Taking a clay bath is like immersing oneself in a sea comprised of millions of minute crystals.

    One Last Segment

    There are many methods available in both alternative and natural medicine that are designed to "detoxify the body". However, nearly all of them do exactly the opposite: They stimulate the body to release toxic byproducts stored in fat, organs, and other tissues. The result is that these substances are dumped back into the active metabolism. The body, then, is placed under a great deal of toxic stress, even to the point of toxic shock.

    This poses quite a problem, for the body has stored these substances for a very specific reason: It has been incapable of eliminating the substances without causing significant damage. Therefore, the short cut "quick fix" methods to detoxify the body can actually be quite dangerous, and are often accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms as the body cleans itself.
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  11. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    Thank you so much for the info. I spoke with a naturopath on the phone yesterday, and she recommended them. She had her mercury levels tested before and after her lenghth of treatment (first 6 baths) and the mercury level had gone down.

    However, she warned me not to go to fast because I could get ill. This is herxing also. Does your last segment of toxic shock refer to overdoing clay baths, too? I think any chelation needs to be controlled.

    Are you functioning better? I thought I read in your profile you are functioning 25%? That's awful. Hope you have improved since you wrote that!

    Thanks again for sharing.

  12. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    I am really interested in hearing how the clay has worked for you with blemishes. I think I picked that up from what you wrote that you started out that way. My skin keeps getting worse and worse. I really need to find something soon to get on top of my own situation with my facial skin. There are few places on my face that dont have scaring now. If you have found helpful products that are odorless please pass on.

    Thanks~ GigglePoet
  13. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi CherylSue,

    RE: “Does your last segment of toxic shock refer to overdoing clay baths, too? I think any chelation needs to be controlled.”

    ------ Yes, you can overdue it on clay baths. Doing too much, especially too soon, can cause detoxification reactions. It can also lead to nutrient loss in the body if done too often or using too high a concentration of clay. Moderation is a good thing with this therapy, and that’s another reason I prefer foot baths at this time, as I feel I have greater control. I just feel there’s much less of a chance to overdue things at any given time.

    Rich Carson, and virtually everybody who writes credibly on detoxifying heavy metals always caution against going too fast. I may eventually move on to full clay baths at some point, but they’re a bit more complex to do, and don’t feel necessary for me at this time. There’s always the heat factor in a full bath that many with chronic illness can have a difficult time with.

    RE: “Are you functioning better? I thought I read in your profile you are functioning 25%? That's awful. Hope you have improved since you wrote that!”

    Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m above 25% at this time. I experienced a major setback about 18 months ago when I was unable to get a reprieve on a hot and humid afternoon. I then did my best for a big part of 2006 getting my mother set up in assisted living. Really wasn’t able to start recovering until this past winter.

    Usually, the beginning of recovery for me is harder than the end of a stressful period. It’s a time when my body seems to start knowing it now has an opportunity to begin a healing cycle. So it begins to temporarily reduce many of my functional and coping capabilities. For me this meant pretty major cognitive dysfunction and brain fog (scanning reading material was about the best I could do), sensory overload in a major way, lots of vertigo, and deep, debilitating exhaustion.

    The good news is I’ve been turning the corner since late March or so. Ever so gradually, I’m starting to be able to walk more than a couple of blocks. Even better news is that I’ve experienced a pretty significant improvement in the past 2-3 weeks.

    I’m attributing my recent improvement primarily to drinking ozonated water throughout the day and adding the supplement piracetam. Piracetam is referred to as a “smart drug”, also known as a nootropic. It is said to enhance communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. And it does work for me in a gentle sort of way. Most people think this is only available through prescription or through an overseas source. I found mine at a company called Harvest Moon Health Foods out of Kansas at a very reasonable price.

    Hi Terch - Good question about whether herxing is a valid medical term. I can’t really say, but sometimes words like this get picked up by osmosis in the English language and a day comes along when the “powers that be” determine it is now a word.

    Re: Is this therapy for real? I understand your hesitation to believe one more thing that has come along for you on top of hundreds of others. Many of which no doubt have dubious to little to no value. I think if you did even a cursory search online, you could easily find much more information than what I’m sharing here. The history is there and it all seems to make a lot of sense. For me, it simply works well.

    Hi GigglePoet – giggle, giggle - I’ve had pretty insistent facial blemishes over the years, and feel I’ve gotten them almost completely under control. My primary topical therapeutic tools include St. John’s Wort oil and a healing clay solution which I make myself. I also drink a blood cleansing tea called Jason Winter’s Herbal Tea. I’m cutting and pasting some additional information at the end of this post regarding making a clay solution and on my oral health program that seems to help my complexion as well.

    Regards, Wayne

    Recipe/steps for making a clay solution:

    You can buy a clay solution in most health food stores I believe, but it's much more expensive than if you make it yourself. I usually buy a 4 oz. bottle from NOW brand called "Bentonite Powder" - 100% pure clay. I think it's only about
    $4-$5 or so.

    I put this in our Vitamix with 1 1/2 quarts of water and blend for 30-45 sec. It thickens as it blends, and will thicken further after you pour it into other containers.

    Oil & Clay Protocol for Chelating Gum Mercury Toxins

    On most mornings I do the "oil pulling" technique that has been discussed on this board. Depending how patient I am on any given morning, I will usually gently hold it in my mouth for 5-20 minutes.

    Not only is this supposed to draw various toxins out of the body, but it also promotes good oral hygeine. I've noticed my teeth stay much cleaner and my complexion also seems to be improved. Since this can pull some pretty toxic stuff out, it is recommended that the mouth be thoroughly cleansed afterward so as not to swallow any residue remaining in the mouth.

    What works well for me at this point is to follow it up with a rounded teaspoon of the clay solution. This I feel not only absorbs some of the toxicity brought out by the oil pulling, but also continues to work on drawing out the "sequestered" mercury in the gums.

    And I have to say, that on most mornings when I do this, I tend to feel some subtle shifts during and afterward. My complexion will have much more color, I start to "wake up" a little bitter, I start thinking better, and this is usually one of my better times to attempt a short walk.
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  14. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    Thanks so much for sharing. You've been most helpful.

    I'm also glad you are feeling a little better. Progress is progress. Do you have any microbes hanging about your body that need killing? Maybe, try the Nutramedix products. That's my next protocol.

    Best of luck to you.

  15. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi CherylSue,

    Sometimes when I respond to requests for more information, I'm uncertain whether what I'm sharing is what they were looking for. I'm happy to hear the info I posted was helpful for you.

    RE: "Do you have any microbes hanging about your body that need killing? Maybe, try the Nutramedix products. That's my next protocol."

    I'm quite certain I've got all kinds of microscopic microbes hanging out. That's a primary reason I'm drinking the ozonated water. I also primarily supplement with Garden of Life products Perfect Food, Primal Defense, and Living Multi. They all contain soil based organisms. I also do Three Lac.

    Was wondering what Nutramedix products you plan to use and what protocol you have in mind. I went to their website but didn't see much in the way of either. I'm always interested in other people's game plan.

    Regards, Wayne
  16. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    I'm using Nutramedix products Takuna and Burbur right now, slowly working up to 10 drops of Takuna am and pm. I'm having a herxing reaction and feeling malaise, fatigue, and burning sensations. I use the Burbur to detox those feelings.

    Once I work up to a 10 drop dose of Takuna, I'll start the Cumanda drops which is really strong. I expect some more herxing. It's a tough protocol, but hopefully will get me eventually feeling better. Prescription ABX and antivirals are tough, too. However, I prefer to go the Nutramedix route for now.

  17. kbak

    kbak Member


    Thank-you! I'm going to try this. Sounds great.

  18. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to add a few notes re: the NOW brand clay powder I mentioned earlier.

    The recipe that I use and wrote is to add the 4 oz. of bentonite powder to 1 1/2 quarts of water (48 oz H2O). The recipe on the bottle suggests a 1 to 10 ratio, so it would be 40 oz. of water, which would make the clay solution a bit thicker.

    Also, they have recommendations on using it as a dietary supplement, which is 1/4 to 1/2 tsp, twice a day on an ongoing basis. More can be used short term. Wanted to mention this as some clays that are sold for therapeutic purposes like clay baths are not necessarily suitable for internal consumption.

    The reason it is used for internal consumption is because it can absorb large amounts of toxicity in the GI tract, including heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, etc. A lot more information on benefits of ingestion of clay can easily be found online.

    For those with a concern that clay might absorb beneficial bacteria, my understanding is that pathogenic bacteria are positively charged and absorbed by the negatively charged clay. But the beneficial bacteria in our gut is negatively charged and so there is a repelling action going on. If anybody has a different understanding of this, I would be interested in hearing about it.

    I mentioned earlier that the clay solution worked well for me for facial blemishes. Just remembered that I have dealt with rashes, primarily on my torso, at various times. Using this clay solution worked well for that also.

    CherylSue - Thanks for the info. on the Nutrimedix products. I'll be keeping them in mind as I go forward. Thanks.


    P.S. I saw some information yesterday indicating that clay has been found to be useful in treating Morgellons Disease that Ellie just posted on.

    Will likely do a bit more research and post to Ellie's thread "Aloha I have not been here in a long time have something caled".
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  19. jmq

    jmq New Member

    where would I find places that have mud treatments for feet? I live in south florida and never saw any offered. Any suggestions?

  20. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Where do they do them? Chiros? fancy spas? salons? I know you can but them but I just want to try one and see how it works of me first. I live in South East Florida so do you have any suggestions.? I really need one.


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