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    hi all

    its me, one of the major skeptics on the board. there is a thread going about foot detox baths. i highly doubt that they actually help detox a person. and they are crazy expensive- like $2000.

    but i do know of something that i am pretty sure truly does help the body detoxify. and it is definately in the alternative realm. big time!!!

    far infared sauna. its a sauna that makes you sweat, and its true that the skin is one of the bodies main detoxifying organs. (and the liver.)

    any type of sweating will help get rid of toxins. exercise, regular type sauna, far infared type of sauna, etc.

    the far infared sauna works/heats up differently that a regular sauna. the benefit is that it does not get as hot as a normal regular sauna. most people w cfs cannot tolerate the high heat of a regular sauna. i know i sure cant.

    i actually bought a far infared sauna a few years ago when i was at my sickest. it was about $650. (yes, it is expensive!) it works well. not too hot, not uncomfortable, and it did make me sweat. i really should have used it more consistently. did it help my cfs? i dont know/ i dont think so because- to be honest, i didnt use it enough, so it didnt even have a real chance to help me. i was so sick back then - i was sleeping 18 hrs a day- and when i was actually awake i wanted to do stuff other than sit in a sauna- ya know- crazy stuff like- eat a meal, see my family, walk the dog, pay the bills, etc.

    (now i live in florida- so i dont need the sauna. i just step outside. lol.)

    i am saying that the sauna causes sweating, which can help w detoxification. would this help anyone with their cfs or fibro? i dont know.

    of course one would have to be cautious about this or any sauna- if you are interested- ask your dr, do your research. drink alot of water before and after. shower after the sauna to rinse off the sweat. make sure you have enough electrolytes too.

    i think there are places like some chiropractors where you can pay for sessions to try this out. i dont know the cost of that.


    ok, now who's gonna slam me? lol

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    Hi BigMama - I'm not going to slam you :) I am all for alternative therapies, however, I do think that there is a lot of bunk out there. According to Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, a professor of dermatology at St. Louis University, the body sweats "trace" amounts of toxins. The purpose of sweating is to cool the body, not detox. Sweating heavily is not going to release a lot of toxins.

    >>>In fact, Glaser says, heavy sweating can impair your body's natural detoxification system. As she explains, the liver and kidneys -- not the sweat glands -- are the organs we count on to filter toxins from our blood. If you don't drink enough water to compensate for a good sweat, dehydration could stress the kidneys and keep them from doing their job. "If you're not careful, heavy sweating can be a bad thing," she says.

    Sweating definitely won't help clear the body of mercury or other metals, says Donald Smith, a professor of environmental toxicology at UC Santa Cruz, who studies treatments for metal poisoning. Almost all toxic metals in the body are excreted through urine or feces, he says. And less than 1% are lost through sweat. In other words, you'll do far more detoxifying in the bathroom than you ever could in a sauna.<<<
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    I don't "slam" people, but this is NOT a safe suggestion.

    According to Dr. Lapp (CFS Expert), 50-70% of all CFS patients suffer from some form of POTS and/or orthostatic intolerance.

    Getting in a sauna will open your blood vessels BIG TIME and lead to passing out for many people with POTS. As so many of us with CFS have never been tested for POTS and the majority of people with it never pass out, therefore never knowing that it is the cause of a large amount of our symptoms, it is VERY RISKY for a CFS patient.

    For more info, see

    HOWEVER, I would love a safe way to detox. This is not one, particularly for me.
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    Haven't used it enough to determine if it provides any significant gains. I am in South Glens Falls, NY if anyone would like to come use it. We could be guinea pigs and report back our findings.
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    thanks for the feeback about far infared saunas.

    yes- anyone who uses any type of sauna would have to drink alot of water.

    i could have sworn i have always read that the body uses the skin (sweating) (in addition to the more primary detox organs of liver kidneys and intestines) to detoxify.

    and that is an impt point that for people w POTS sauna could be dangerous. yikes.

    rainbow- thanks for the kind words.

    (but the science and disc channels have nothing to do with my thinking on saunas. i am not having a change in thinking either. i have always been open minded, but skeptical. for years now i have used both alt med and trad med to help me. i personally think that the supposed "link" between quantum science and "quantum new age whatever" is totally invalid. i think many quantum physicists would be appalled at how some people in the new age movement have hijacked real quantum science and twisted it to fit their theories. - the secret, etc. but this is a whole nother discussion! happy to have it if anyone is interested- we could put it on the chit chat board.)

    rainbow- regarding anesthesia- i am terrified of it! totally phobic of it! first time i had it - i tried to fight off the nurses as they gave it to me!! that was a total surprise to them and to me! i had to have anesthesia a few months ago. so scary. but turned out fine. sooo, how did your naturopath treat you for anesthesia?

    take care all
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    Yes I agree with you.

    i went to a sauna a few days back and nearly passed out. Was a scary experience :(

    Dont think people with CFS should attempt saunas.