Detoxigenomic results-what do I do with this info?

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  1. donnaba

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    Here are my results:

    Phase 1: CYP2C9 and CYP3A4 impaired. These detox many meds.

    Phase 2:acetylation(detoxes many environmental toxins)- 2 of the NAT2's impaired, +fast metabolizer
    glutathione conjugation( detoxes heavy metals and environmental toxins)-GSTM1-absent
    oxidative protection(protects cells from oxidative stress/free radicals)-SOD2 is++

    The test includes suggestions to increase fruit/vegetable consumption and avoid/decrease meds my body has problems with(kinda knew that already). Surely this $438 test has more direction for me than that. Any ideas?

    thanks, donna

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  2. donnaba

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    just trying again...

  3. donnaba

    donnaba New Member

    thank kjm, very kind of you to look up those sites for me. I'll check it out. The test was ordered by my biological dentist to see if I could handle conscious sedation.

    take care, donna

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