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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chrissy12, Jul 11, 2008.

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    The last time I was at Dr. Lerner's office, he told me that there was a real possiblity I may have to live in Michigan for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to treat my mycoplasma. I have very high numbers and as of yet they haven't come down much. He doubled my azith. and is going to see if they move down. I am hoping.

    I wanted to know if you know of a good place I could stay if I have to live there for awhile. I heard there is a place across from the Hospital, but that it wasn't very nice. I also called a property place, I think Belzak (sp?)
    and it would cost $1900 for a furnished 1 bedroom. It was 7-8 miles from the hospital. Do you have any ideas?? Thanks!!! Cindy
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    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for your input. I will check out the Hawthorn Suites. I think the place across from the hospital is for long term care.

    I am hoping that this doesn't happen. I have adjusted to the 500mg of azith., but now trying to adjust to 2 of them a day. I am hoping this is enough to bring down my numbers. Dr. Lerner's office called me this week and had me stop one of my valcyte doses because one of my liver numbers was high. I have noticed some improvement like little pockets of reprieve, but nothing long term yet. Dr. Lerner is still hopeful and says I need to be patient.

    Thanks for you help. How are you doing??? Cindy
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    Are you still looking for a place to stay for several weeks near Dr. Lerner?

    When I saw this post last week, I emailed my relatives who live near Dr. Lerner. I sent them your post, and asked if they had any ideas, but I never heard back.

    If you are still looking, I will email them again and will also email some acquaintances that live in the Detroit area.

    When we went to my cousin's wedding in 2003 we stayed at one of the mid-range chain hotels in Novi (I think it was a Hyatt?), but not sure if that is close enough to Lerner's office or is in your price range or if you are looking for more of an apartment-like set-up.

    If you are still are looking, let me know what you want and I'll follow up.

    I hope you are feeling better! :)


    PS. Did you ever get tested through Igenex?
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    hyatt is not midrange!

    very nice of you to ask your relatives!

    wish i could help, myself....
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    Yesterday on TV I saw that many people with large homes are renting out rooms to help pay with increased living costs.

    Maybe if you google "rooms for rent/City, State" you can find something nice and close by Dr.

    If you find something, call the police dept's non-emergency number in that city, and ask them if you would feel safe there, and is it a decent area.

    Ask the landlord if a bus/cab is nearby, and how far to the address of Dr. Lerner.

    Make sure everything is in writing; exactly what you are paying for (room, bath, kitchen priviledges, tv, any utilities extra, laundry room priviledges, etc.) Try to think of anything you might absolutely need, and get it in the contract!

    Good luck to you!
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    Hi chrissy I am carol. I just saw dr. lerner for my 2nd appoitment this week. he wants me to do 6 weeks of IV's for mycroplasma. I am in the same boat, I need a place to stay. Are you up there now doing treatments? I wish they had a message board on his website so we could connect with others. at least i found this site. my email is

    look foward to talking with you. I have cmv, hhv-6 and mycroplasma.


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