Devastating Report (cancer)

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    Just received this one and thought I'd share...personally I have not gotten a mammogram in about 25 yrs....had two in my very early 50's...and that's been it for me.

    Of interest in this article, sugar is mentioned as I've said this so much about sugar and cancer cells loving it.

    Do your own research, I've done mine for many years and this is my comfort. I take iodine daily which is indicated for breast health as well as thyroid and more...
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    Hi Jam - interesting article. Here's a link to something I received from Sarah Myhill the other day, it has a trailer for a documentary about the dangers of mammograms:
    I can't tell if the film is available in the U.S. or just the U.K. Dr. Myhill makes the interesting observation that squishing a tumor during a mammogram can break it so speak and actually cause it to spread - ouch!

    I'm supposed to have a mammogram next week and am seriously re-thinking it -

  3. jaminhealth

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    Mary, MOST of my friends down here do NOT get the mams....a neighbor who is 87 got them for YEARS and just quit 2 yrs ago after our discussions....

    I always worried about squishing any tumor that "might" be there.....

    In my early years of alternative MD's, one I went to had the thermography machine in her office, of course, insurance paid none of this test... I never did it, just read TOO MUCH over many years on the dangers and it just NEVER felt "right" to me.

    My MD did a "hand job" a couple weeks ago and everything felt fine to her.

    Thinking back to my mom who NEVER had a mam, nor did all her sisters and sil's....her MD sent her a postcard when she was 86 that she should have one....I told her "mom forget that" are fine....she lived to 91...

    It's a hard choice for many women, but I did so much research for years and felt my choice is a good one for me. jam
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    Good film, Mary. I have only ever had one mammogram done and won't have them done any more. The more I learn about them, the less safe I believe that they are.
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    TigerLilea - did you see the whole film, or just the trailer?

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    I could NOT see the trailer or film, for one thing, I've unplugged my speakers etc...and this old computer just can't do what new computers can I can't see any of it....I'm sending the link to my friend who does NOT do mams either and see what she thinks.....

    I realize this is a HUGE decision for the flock of women and pharma/med world has done a job on pushing women to do these for probably the last 25 yrs or more....I started to "wake up" in my early 50's or earlier as I think back....

    Who knows, could be all this squeezing of women's breasts caused more breast cancer...

    Thinking back I had a wonderful friend who died of breast cancer in her early 50's and she did mams faithfully, her death was a horrible shock and that really got me thinking about it all.

    Not too many years later, maybe 10 or so, another friend from Pgh died from breast cancer and she had done mams for years too. She was about 60 or so at the time when I visited with her, when I still going back East.

    I knew I saved the lab report from my 1st mam and that was in Sept 1989 and I was 51. I am not sure if I had one more but I think I did but don't have that report if I did.

    I believe Iodine is critical to keep our breasts healthy. jam
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    Mary, I just saw the trailer. I'd be interested in seeing the entire film.
  8. jaminhealth

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    My gf just reported back that she could view the trailer but got no sound...
  9. jaminhealth

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    I'm on an Iodine group and sent this link to the members and talked a little about my feelings on this issue...Two members posted already:

    One said "I never had one and never will"

    The other one said: "I'm with you, and don't believe in them"

    This is just from 2 members, I'm sure I'll hear from many more.
  10. mbofov

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    Wow - Diane you've been through the wringer (literally it seems .....). The more I think about it, the less inclined I am to have one. Jam's article is very good and then the movie trailer.

    I've been taking iodine for several years and know how important it is not only for thyroid but breast health.

    I think it's the thought of all that radiation that scares me the most. My sister-in-law recently died after a 3-1/2 year battle with uterine cancer, and she had chemo and radiation, the works. And of course the treatments are so rough and I think make you sicker in the long run - they do so much damage to your body.

    I may try to get a copy of that film. It looks like it comes from the UK and there's no way I can see to contact anyone to ask about shipping from there, but may look into it further.

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    An online friend sent this comment thru, we are talking about the new health (some call it sick care) plan and also about breast cancer, allergies, etc.... Real health is our JOB.

    Oh the comments would not post but essentially talked about the growing breast cancer and other cancers since the 1970's and especially with the GMO soy products introduced into our country. And also all the artificial sweeteners that we were hit with.....
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    Just tried to post his comments again, oh here it is.

    In the early '70s the FDA approved the use of chemically treated soy and by 1979 we had the onset of an epidemic of female breast cancers, minimally. In 1980 the FDA approved the expanded use of added (as opposed to natural) monosodium glutamate (MSG) and we saw the beginning of an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, minimally. In 1981 the FDA approved the use of aspartame (artificial sweetener) and an epidemic of brain cancer, minimally, presented. Surely, to reverse those illegal and unwise FDA approvals would be a better way to start to improve healthcare than to provide and require better and greater access to incompetent diagnosis and dangerous, expensive treatments.

    Oh goodness, what a mess man creates, keep us sick and unhealthy and man works on the mess....

    Again health care is our JOB....
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    You're right about all that Jam. We're all trying to become healthy despite the FDA actions, instead of it being a force for good health.

    I just found another article re mammograms. I know you can find whatever you want on-line, pro or con, but this one has solidified my decision NOT to get a mammogram this week:

  14. jaminhealth

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    Good good link and glad it helped you to get to your decision....these tests are such STRESSORS, good to be able to take it out of your less thing to let go of. Keep with the Iodine and keep out the sugars....

    The medical world is test test test, money money me it's another world to where we were for many years prior.... jam
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    More to "chew" on...I read some of the comments on the blog attached to this report. Cannibus oil vs chemo!!!!‎
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    Jam - I tried that link but it didn't work, I think it needs some tweaking -

  17. jaminhealth

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    Thanks Diane, that is the article.... there are many others as well. Cancer is a HUGE business...
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    Diane - thanks so much for getting the proper link. I just read that article - it's mind-blowing. I'm going to try to print it for my doctor. Last year I told her I didn't want a mammo (had had one the previous year) and she said fine. She did say that women had been guinea pigs and no one knew the long-term effects of regular mammograms. Then this year she said I should have one, I said okay, and now am not going to. I have to see her just to get results of blood work so will give her the article then.

    And thanks to you Jam for bringing this to our attention!

  19. jaminhealth

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    Mary, I hope you are comfortable with your decision. Having the good diet you have and taking quality iodine means a lot toward this end. Have you taken many mams over the years? I keep thinking about the Weston Price article on Mammography Maddness, read this years ago.

    Just watching C-SPAN with a panel of high profile MD's and former health secretary, Donna Shahala, it's good to hear these people especially about our new health care. During their discussions, mention was made that there are 5200+ hospitals in our country and this number will be reduced over time. And how people have to take more and more care of their health with good nutrition, supps, etc...

    Thinking over the years how much has been spent on mams, mega millions maybe billions...take care all. jam