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  1. Kat_in_Texas

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    I'm curious if any of you were ever a patient (or still are a patient) of Dr. John Harney in Richardson? He is a neurologist who is very good at treating FM. I first saw info about him here on the board a few months back, and in July my gynecologist highly recommended that I see him.

    I'm going to attend the FFC free information seminar on Monday night, but I'm also considering trying Dr. Harney first before jumping into the expensive treatment plan at FFC.

    Have any of you been to both and have a comment???? Thanks so much!

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    I have not been to him but I have heard wonderful things about him on this board. Type his name into the search box up above and you will find the good posts.
  3. Kat_in_Texas

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    I have read the good info about him here on the board, and I believe several members here do go to him. I'm still trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and go the full FFC route, or try Dr. Harney first to see if he can help. He is on my insurance plan, which of course would help tremendously.

    I also found Dr. Harney's name on the dfwcfids.org site (The CFS & FM Support Group of DFW) as having been either specifically referred by members of the support group or on the National Fibromyalgia Network referral list. And as I said, my gynecologist has strongly recommended him, and is a personal friend of his.

    I just wondered if anyone knew how the two compared (FFC to Dr. Harney).

    Thanks for the reply!

    BTW, here is his info in case anyone else in the DFW might be interested:

    John H. Harney, M.D.
    375 Municipal Drive, Suite 222
    Richardson, Texas 75080

    Blessings on your day ... Kat

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  4. Kat_in_Texas

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    Anyone else????


  5. Kat_in_Texas

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    Hey you fellow FM'ers in Big D area ... I saw Dr. Harney (see above) today and I am very encouraged! He knows a lot about FM and was very easy to talk to. He spent almost an hour with me, most of the time in his office not an exam room, talking about my history and explaining FM in more detail. He is very adamant about patient education, and sent TONS of info about FM home with me. He also changed my meds and ordered an MRI and an EMG, as well as therapy. I'm very optimistic about his treatment plan and objectives.

    If you're looking for a doctor in the DFW, I encourage you to call him. It took me more than 3 months to get in as he has a limited number of "new patient" appointments available, so you'll have to be patient. I almost cancelled but I'm glad I waited and saw him.

    After having a PCP who is quite the "doubting Thomas" about my symptoms (and probably doesn't believe in FM anyway), Dr. Harney was a pleasant change! I'll keep you all updated on my progress with him.

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  6. Maribelle

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    I called the FFC here in Dallas and was shocked at how much
    it cost to be evaluated and treated! I received a 24
    page questionnaire from the center and felt completely
    overwhelmed! I am cancelling my appt with them. I was
    diagnosed with FMS about a year and a half ago and my
    symptoms are getting worse. I will give Dr. John Harney
    a call tomorrow to schedule an appt (hopefully I will be
    able to get in).

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFO! Hoping for lots of
    health with your new doctor...good luck.

  7. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    Thanks, foggedup ... I really liked Dr. Harney and as I said I'm very optimistic that we'll find a way to bring my pain level down, or at least make it more manageable. Yes, he is like a teddy bear, lol! I was describing him to my husband and the only way I could think of to describe him was "casual but smart"!

    And yes, I know exactly what you mean about being in tears after your visit with him! I felt the exact same way. I felt like someone *FINALLY* believed I am in pain and *WANTS* to help, what a miracle! I only wish my DH would have gone with me today ... Dr. H's explanation of FM was better than anything I've read or heard before, and I think DH would benefit from hearing it from a professional! :)

    Maribelle, I hope you can get in to see him before long. I went to one of the FFC free seminars and was pretty overwhelmed. And I just couldn't justify spending all that money and taking so many supplements/drugs. While I understand that it's been great for so many people, I just haven't heard enough long-term success stories about FFC. When I was at the seminar there, I got the creepy feeling that they were preying on people who had lost all hope of getting help elsewhere.

    I may still elect to go to FFC at some point, but for now I wanted to exhaust all other possibilities. Dr. Harney accepts my insurance (Pacificare) so my visit was only $25. I'm sure the MRI and EMG will be more, and the physical therapy will cost me too, but nothing like the FFC costs.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do. As I said, I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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