dh goes out of town AGAIN

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    my husband has a new job this year and it takes him out of town more than the last job....I HATE IT!!!

    we have 4 kids...6,8,15, 18 (18 has cerebral palsy...uses whee.chair needs total care....eating, dressing, moving in bed, showers, turning the channel on the tv)

    i just found out he is going out of town again - 3 days this time....this week...he haw been gone the last 3 weekends for his hobby- reffing high school wrestling...he quit now...reffed his last tournament 2 weeks ago...i don't feel one bit sorry for him either...he isan't quitting because i am sick...he quit because of this new job being busier...

    i just had to vent....it is so awful when he is gone...the kids need rides to and from school...sports, dance, and the boys fight and are just plain ole boys...noise and ruckus....i have help for a few hours each day with my 18 year old...but, i have to get up and turn her all night long...the last time dh was out of town, i wrote down each time i got up with our daughter....no wonder i am exhausted , i was up 6 times both nights he was gone...

    what is the deal? why does my spouse keep career climbing when my life has fallen apart? what is he thinking? if am guessing if the tables were turned, i would try to be home more....rather than abandoning me with all the responsibilites while being sick....and boy do i pay for it when he gets back....i am flattened for days....

    is this common for the rest ofyou? are your spouses running for the hills too?
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    I think I'd feel just like you feel if I were in your shoes.

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    thanks kendra....i feel better already!!!sometimes just venting helps...especially to people who get it!!
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    got one,,.about a month ago...praise the lord!!!!what a load of guilt off my shoulders!

    i am going to do a post on how much do spouses do in regards to housework/parenting/cooking....

    thanks for your posts!
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    Hi again.

    This may be a "stupid" question, but have you sat down with him and actually discussed the situation?

    Tell him you didn't sign up to be a single parent.

    I really feel for you. I don't have children, but your one son is a special needs person, and that alone can be extremely difficult.

    Your husband needs to have the "lightbulb" turned-on so he can see what he's doing.

    Are your other kids helpful?