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    and I just lost it and exploded. I am sick and tired .
    I was sick the whole time he was away , migraines, vomitting till my esphogaus was raw, the whole works . I had no one to talk to , just take care of things here no matter how sick I was. I thought going through all the crap I went through when I sick was the worst time in my life but this certainly beats that. And it just ticks me off that this should have never happened.
    Now he comes home and yesterday was okay but it kept building and building and I just exploded.
    He claimed he learned so much about fibro and even proclaimed he has been nothing but selfish and what does he do today the same shit he has been doing all along.
    I have totally had it. I'm sick of hearing "give me time and it will get better because I NEVER get a break no matter how damn sick I am.
    I'm sick of all of them. I would rather be alone and happy then with all these people that are supposed to love me and all they are doing is killing me.
    I got rid of most of the toxic people in my life and I felt so much better maybe it's time to get rid of the rest .
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    I'm sorry what is a DH?

    I hope you're feeling better today.
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    you might find counselling is of value, it is worth a try for yourself to sort things out, even if your husband won't go. It can really help to get another's opinion who is unbiased and neutral, for both of you.

    People do tend to fall back into old patterns and not realize what they're doing and/or be in denial; we all want to 'look good' if only to ourselves, and sounds like your DH falls into that.

    (gothbubbles, DH is 'dear hubby')

    Having people around who cannot or worse - will not - be of help when one has a chronic illness and especially pain can be really overwhelming besides toxic.

    all the best,

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