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    Hi everyone
    This is my first time posting to any thing like this but...I am at my wits end!! I have had fibro now for about five years and I have yet to find much relieve. Its like I make one step forward and 10 steps backward. Just a little history... I have had 6 sugeries in 5 years and I am sure that is hindering any process to get on top of this. I thought writing my thoughts and feelings may help. The list of things that I have tried would be to lengthy but I can say that there is not a day and exspecially a morning that goes by that I am not in pain. Its been such a guessing game. I get told to excersise in which i would love to do, but my feet hurt to the point where i can hardly even walk to the bathroom, and the thought of exersice becomes to over whelming I am sure alot of u can relate. Most days I just want to sleep so I don;t have to deal with the pain. These are the meds I am currently taking on this go round. Tramadol 50 mg. twice daily ( of which I have notices no relieve) Lortab 10 mg. twice a day, seems to take the edge of sometimes, celexa, abmien at night and a new vitamin supplement called Vemma, that is loaded with vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants ( I just started this about a month ago, so hoping it will help soon. I have a hottub and it is a lifesaver at times, but sometimes the heat makes the inflamation wores. massages and chiropratactic care does seem to help but it is so short lived but a least it is something. I could go on a long time but that gives you an idea. So I guess I am pleading for some ideas, the kind of doctors I should see ect. My husband as no idea what to do for me or with me as far as that goes. I just know that he gets pretty frustrated listening to my woes, so I keep alot of things to myseld, and then of course that does not help either. Becomes this might hit home to some of you, I am truly hoping to get some input. I have been a nurse for 35 years, I guess its now my turn to try and recive care giving from someone else... looking forward to reading reponses from this community