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  1. budmickl

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    OK everyone, I need all you to help me out here.

    Did Dharma & Greg end with them getting divorced?? I swear that after the Kevin Sarbo episodes, they were headed to divorce court.

    All I find on-line indicates the series finale was where the 6 goof balls were at the Montgomery's cabin in the snow. Dharma & Greg get sick of the bickering and leave and dream of their kid floating around with wings and a harp.

    That can't be the end, was it???


  2. rockgor

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    Can't help. Got any questions about Lucy and Ethel?

  3. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    Hum.. nope, not today! But I'll remember to ask you when they come up.


  4. sisland

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    I Loved Dharma & Greg! But Don't remember them going through with a divorce!,,,,,,,,If it Helps the ending you describe is the right one! the only one i remember anyway!,,,,,,,,,Sis
  5. budmickl

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    Well, that is the ending that is on all the D & G web sites and if you remember it, then I must have been dreaming the other ending. Which is good, because I always pull for the underdogs!

    And I am glad that's the finale because I did see them (2 parter).

    Now I can put this nagging question to bed.

    What next?? :)

  6. sisland

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    Do you remember the sitcom "Mad About You?" with Helen Hunt and Paul Riser,,,That was a kool one too! i think they were on for a few years Before Dharma & Greg!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,But Had the same simalar story line,,,,,,,,,,All 4 are Brilliant actors!
  7. budmickl

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    Yep, I remember Mad About You. I didn't watch that one, and it hasn't been on any of the late night shows. I think them being related was kind of a sick way to end the show. But much better than Seinfeld. I NEVER watched Seinfeld. I hated that show and the actors. But I have seen the series finale in reruns. Pretty stupid. I guess MAY is a possible reality, but not Seinfeld.

    Love the trivia!