DHEA - A few questions please

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    I'm 4 1/2 years into CFS now and my DHEA just came back very low. Normal range is 35 - 430. Mine was 15.

    I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago and take Premarin. Is it okay to supplement DHEA while on HRT? And what dose should I start on? I'm also currently taking Human Growth Hormone injections for the last year with no progess in my IGF-1 (actually it's lower than when I began) so I'm very concerned about monkeying around with more hormones.

    Any advise would be appreciated.....foxglove
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    The alternative caregiver I work with does not start women on DHEA. Generally what I've found is that pregnenolone is what women are given to boost DHEA. If prenenolone gives side effects, then 7 Keto.

    I had side effects from both of these (breast soreness, etc.), even though I was trying very low doses and skipping days in between.

    The next thing tried was boosting progesterone w/natural progesterone cream. I don't ever have problems with that, as I have used it before. He was trying to see if, by boosting progesterone artificially (I'm low on that, too), my body would then spend its energy on DHEA.

    The last thing I was to try was the DHEA, but I started w/the FFC, and I realize one of the supplements they gave me has prenenolone. It's unopened, so I have to return it.
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    Thank you Juloo, I was hesitant to try the DHEA and didn't know where to begin.......foxglove