DHEA again..(sorry)

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  1. zggygirl

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    I did do a search on this board for DHEA. But I am wondering cause I am 45 years old had the test done and it was 34 which I guess is very low?
    Has anyone else had theirs tested and was it this low? I'm kind of concerned, but will start taking the supplement and hopefully be able to tolerate it.
    Thanks again
    Are these usually Fibro. symptoms? I'm still not sure what my diagnosis is. It's confusing. I'll save that story (and boredom) for another time <G>
  2. TNhayley

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    From what I understand, this is one supplement you should have monitered by a doctor, having your levels checked periodically. Hugs,
  3. 4mylabs

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    HI all

    I was just given DHEA by my Dr so I don't know if it works or not. I was found to have a low DHEA number (not sure of the #) and after much reading decided to ask my Dr about taking it. This time he agreed but it had to be sublingual (under the tongue) not in pill form. He was adamant that hormones are not supposed to go through the stomach but into the bloodstream. He said that much of the pill form is wasted by the time it actually makes it into the blood. I take 1/2 mg twice a day. He said this is the equivilant to 25 mg in pill form. Makes sense to me. He had a compounding pharmist make it up for me.

    Will let you know what happens.

    Take care
  4. healing

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    I take 10 mg 2x day and it has really helped with my fatigue. I am surprised about the suggetion to take it sublingually because I have had such good results with the capsules I take.