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    Some of you know I had to lower my dosage of Pregnenolone recently (a precurser to DHEA) because it raised my DHEA too high. However,without the daily dose of Preg, I very quickly descended back into my nasty mood.
    So, I decided to do some research on DHEA to find out if too much of it was dangerous or not. What I found was a mass of contradictory materials, some exactly the opposite of what others said, but I'll present some of the basics here and let you decide for yourselves.
    I am at a point where quality of life comes first, since my doc has already warned me I could have a stroke or heart attack at any moment. So, I am opting for a reduced dose, but I will continue to take the Pregnenolone, so I am not an ogre to the people around me. Each person has to decide whether to fool with hormones or not. We do know that Fibro patients have a suppressed H-P-A axis, so hormones can be helpful. Yet, they are much more dangerous than supplements, so it pays to be informed.
    Here is some stuff I found repeated more than once:
    High DHEA lowers heart disease risk in men, but raises it in women.(it figures, da*n it)
    High DHEA can make benign prostrate tumors turn cancerous, and make existing cancers grow faster.
    Very high DHEA or Pregneneolone levels can cause heart rhythm abnormalities.
    Low DHEA can cause Alzheimers.
    DHEA counteracts the bad effects of too much Cortisol.
    DHEA increases feelings of well-being (I can testify to this one).
    DHEA lowers appetite by raising cholecycstokinin, the hormone that tells your brain you're full. (I wish!)
    Prefnenolone was used to treat Arhthritis before Cortisone was discovered, at doses as high as 500 mgs. daily.
    Safe dose ranges for Pregnenolone depend on who you ask, from a low of 3 mgs. daily to a high of 20 mgs. daily. (I was taking 10 mgs. daily when my DHEA test came out too high, and am now going to take 10 mgs. every 3rd day).
    Any comments from our experts?
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    hoping from a response from one of our experts as to safety. K
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    I am interested in this to, as my doctor just told me to get on DHEA for low levels....
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    Of prime importance to the hormone-challenged amongst us...