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    HI all

    I was wondering if anyone has any success in taking DHEA? My Dr has found that my DHEA levels are slightly below normal and has suggested I wait another month to see how I am feeling before taking DHEA tablets. He also said he wants to measure my other hormones before putting me on DHEA.

    After doing some reading, most CFS Dr's seem to recommend DHEA supplelments if the DHEA levels are found to be low. I was just wondering if anyone else takes DHEA and if so has it helped.

    I am also taking Cipro now and have felt much better this past month. Still not great but definitely better. He has put me on another month of Cipro so we will see how it goes.

    take care all

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    My doc refuses to use DHEA, but I do what I think is right, so I am taking Pregnenolone. It is the precursor horomone to all the others, and taking it allows your body to make whatever hormones it needs. I have had so much more energy since taking it, it is unreal.
    However, a caution. I had thought that it would only make more of a hormone if I needed it, so I was shocked when my DHEA level was checked after 2 months of taking it , and found to be way too high.
    The safe dose for Pregnenolone is no more than 3 mgs. daily. The capsules are not sold with less than 10 mgs., so you can take one every 3-4 days to get the correct dose.
    I like this better than taking DHEA because it can raise the levels of any other hormones that are low, and since our hormonal axis tends to be supressed, we often need mor than one. For example, my estrogen level went from 19 to 110 on the pregneneolone, which is back to premenopausal level, without the awful side-effects of prescription hormone replacement.
    I think your doc is right to measure your other hormones too. Again, that is why I like Pregnenolone...it is one stop shopping for hormone treatment!
    Good luck and happy Easter,