diabetes and cfs

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    last oct i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. i have had cfs for almost 20 yrs but have not been under a dr care for most of it due to no insurance( have medicaid now for a third condition) and not being able to find a dr who has any understanding what cfs is...the dr i have now first felt my symptons were due to ms which she has, then once i was dxed with diabetes she thinks everything is from that( which is of course crazy since i have had diabetes less than a yr, cfs for 20 ) but was wondering if anyone knows of any connection between cfs/diabetes or a good cfs dr in the cleveland ohio area since i may be changing after my next visit.
    i do know adrenal cause blood sugar levels to go haywire with cfs and diabetes but mine are usually high( like almost 400 till i started on diabetes meds, now 130-150) and i think with cfs they are usually low?
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    seems to occur in PWCs. Not sure how definitive Type II vs DI vs others is. fwiw, Dirk
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    Hi Jann1033!

    I have type 1 diabetes and I have found no real, definite connection to my CFS or FM. I do have to make excercising a priority because excercise is helpful to all three.

    High blood sugars can make you VERY lethargic(sp?). It can also make you feel light headed and your cognitive abilites are effected. If your blood sugars stay between 130-150 the doctors will put you on medications to help bring it down. 130 and higher can really create all over health problems for you. Please do as much reading as you can about type 2. It is a serious health condition but you can learn to manage it.

    Good luck finding a doctor who can help you.

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    Hi Jann1033 and GB66,

    I've been trying a new product lately called PGX which was originally intended to prevent blood sugar spikes after meals. They say it can help prevent a person from developing type 2 diabetes. I've been using it to pull out toxins, which is not what the manufacturer intended it for, but it works great for that. I don't have diabetes, just CFS.

    There is doctor in Indianapolis named Dale Guyer who knows a lot about CFS. He's up on all the cutting-edge stuff. I don't know how far you're willing to travel, but I thought I'd throw that out.

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