Diabetes And Fibro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Comsol, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Comsol

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    Hi everyone
    Last week after being in a flare for about 2 weeks I woke up on Friday morning and felt great! No pain, no fatigue!
    I am insulin dependant diabetic as well as Fibro. This feeling of well being lasted until Sunday, but I noticed that my vison was extremly blurred and I was going to the washroom a lot. I checked my sugar and found that it was 27 (Canada, and I don't know what this is in the States, but my sugar is usually normal around 6-8). So I immediatley started taken Insulin and as my sugar came down the fibro came back with a vengance. Any one else experiance this.
  2. Shirl

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    Welcome to the board. Can't help with your question, as I do not have diabetes.

    Just wanted to welcome you, and give your post a bump back to the first page so you can get some responses from those who can help.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Lynda B.

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    So I can only give you that perspective. I know there is a connection between foods/sugars and how I feel. I am not sure what it is yet because I am too new at this. It would not surprise me. Many people have a direct relationship between their menstrual cycle and their FMS (flares, when they feel better and such bu some do not).

    It seems perfectly logical that there is a connection. Although I hit early menopause at 40 and the signs started at 36, I have much less mentstrual pain because I don't have a period. Now, I would be better off if I still had one if it were not for HRT which I am taking. But I can see you predicament. I felt the same way. Early menopause is not necessarily a healthy thing but I have much less horrible pain. For a while I was mostly house bound and in bed for two weeks and then worked on getting around for two weeks only to get knocked down again.

    Our bodies various metabolisms can be at odds with each other in my opinion.

    Hopefully, something with closer ties to your experience will respond.

    Lynda B.
  4. stoerm

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    I have been suffering from Fibro for at least 5 yrs. I have heard from people that OPC-3 will help me over come all my suffering and use of prescriptions. I just started to take it and feel a little bit better. Each day a little more. Any way back to diabetes - a went to a health awarness meeting related to the OPC-3 and they said that it could help with diabetes. They also had a product Level 90 (?) - I think this was to help with your blood sugar.

    I hope this helps.
  5. gtpgirl

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    Hi Pete, I've had type 1 diabetes for about 8 years and fibro dx'd about 7 mounths. Symptoms about 4 years. Whenever I get in a bad flare my sugars go up to the 300's. I take insulin but it is hard to control when i'm hurting a lot. Stress can drive your blood sugar up badly. I'm still trying to get mine under control with the fibro. Good luck, Julie
  6. ozgran

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    I have type 2 Diabetes and FM. I was having troubles with the diabetes but it is good again now, even today when I am in a flare again so I can't help you. Do you know about the Diabetes Board ? Click on Message Boards at top of this page and scroll down and you will find a number of different boards. There are others on there who have both and you may find it interesting anyway. Love Ozgran.
  7. joyce1107

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    I'm newly diagnosed diabetic so I don't know very much. I've had Fibro for years and have been home on unpaid medical leave for a year now with CFS. I was interested to find out what OPC-3 is? Any info you can give me would be great.


    PS. I take Quinnine 260mg at night for the Fibro and it helps the pain etc to diminish during the night so I can get some sleep.
  8. Comsol

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    My sugars have been through the roof this week so I'm thing I should go and see my internist. On the flip side I feel almost normal with regards to the fibro, this is really weird since it happened almost overnite a week ago. The only thing different is that I had an epidural of cortisone
    Anyone else have a problem with cortisone?

  9. riter2

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    I am type 2. I do know that cortisone, prednisone increases blood sugar by personal experience. I have CFSID and was told last week my control had to be really "tight". It is anyway but I just listened. I have a medication to take to get mine down quickly when taking cortisone. Hope this helps.