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    A few people have diabetes in my family..my grandmother did..at like 70 years old..didn't have to take insulin. My aunt does (don't know what type)..and now at almost 60 y.o. my dad was diagnosed as well. I haven't been to the Dr. in a long time for anything, and currently it will be a little while because we are waiting for new insurance to kick in..but I will go. I'm just curious if there are any self-tests that can tell you anything? And the difference between diabetes and hypoglycemia..and their relation. Any good sites with info appreciated also. Some reasons I'm wondering about myself..or possible symptoms, are:
    - I have to eat every so often or I get very cranky, have a bad headache and just feel really bad and anxious.. and can't function..or think
    -when I do go for a while without eating, and then eat something sugary like an apple I get really sick
    -recently, when i woke up and drank a big glass of orange juice and got like "drunk". Balance was off, was walking weird..and I hadn't drank any alcohol for past week or more..or taken any meds.
    -lately I have spells of feeling really hot and sweaty, when I shouldn't.hard to explain but it's like I'm sweating, but it's not hot...like a "hot flash" or something..(I'm 24). Just weird feeling.
    -seemingly more fatigued than I should be,sometimes just can't stay awake, despite the fact I have been getting plenty of sleep lately..
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