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    I am a student at NYU and we are working on a new product launch for analyzing sugars in the food you are eating, while you are eating.

    We are hoping that monitoring blood glucose does not have to mean guessing the sugar content in your food and that a fork could do it for you.

    We are developing a fork/spoon that can analyze the glucose content in your food while you are eating. So whether you are out with family & friends or in your home, you can enjoy a meal and, at the same time, be able to measure and manage the amount of glucose that you are consuming.

    Our product will eliminate the guesswork by allowing you to quickly analyze a small portion of the food for its glucose content using a new non-invasive technology. Our utensil will be portable, easy to clean and simple to use. Most importantly, it will produce an on-the-spot analysis but will look and feel like a typical fork or a spoon. It will be available for purchase over the counter and will be priced reasonably.

    We are developing and marketing this product as a part of New Product Design and Marketing class at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Your answers to this questionnaire will be very critical in defining the product. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, please help us by answering this survey. There is no personally identifiable information asked. You can get to the questionnaire by going to this link:


    Thanks for taking time to fill this out

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