diabetes type II natural remedy??

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  1. bizzy_jl

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    Hey all! Hope this letter finds you well in body and spirit.

    Im writing this to see what you guys think about a rare natural remedy that was brought to my attention. Recently my mother was diagnosed with TypeII Diabetes and she is scared to death. They still havent told her if she will be insulin dependent or not but we've began research. She is really tryin to stay away from prescription medicines untill she has no other option.

    The one remedy is actually a drink. I do not know water quantities but i guess as long as it isnt solid it should work! lol. The drink consists of 1 prickley pear cactus stem, grapefruit juice from 2 whole grapefruits, 1 slice of garlic, and juice from 2 limes all blended together. When i made it it came out kind of sour but it wasnt bad at all. Shes been taking it for about a week now twice a day and her average sugar level has gone down from the upper 300s to lower 200s but not quite to normal levels yet.

    Has anyone heard of this or know why it would work or does anyone know of a natural remedy that you know has worked??
  2. twerp

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    I can't answer your question, but wanted to suggest that maybe you'd get more replies if you posted to the diabetes board.

  3. elliespad

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    That's progress. Encouraging results in just one week. And it has no side effects, and not contra-indicated with other treatments. That's my kind of medicine. Still, need to get those numbers lower.

    Two things I know that are also supposed to help with lowering blood sugar are:

    1. Cinnamon and

    2. Chromium (Glucose Tolerance Factor) type called Chromeate (Combines Chromium picolinate and Niacin)

    These can both be pretty powerful so best to start slow and/or check blood sugar levels more frequently. Or, of course, check with your health care provider.

    Keep up the good work in your search for your mom.

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  4. charlenef

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    the same cinnamon you can find t in pill form at anherbal store or on line you can also use stevia for a sweetner good luck charlene
  5. tandy

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    out blood sugar levels is chromium Picolinate.
    but its cheap and worth a try.
    Not sure how much or how often.?

    best of luck to you and your Mom :)
  6. PatPalmer

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    That`s wonderful news - If it`s going down it`s working - just brillient, thak you for sharing...

    I hepled a guy who had high blood cholesterol and was borderline diabetic. Last year I suggested he took 1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil and 1 tsp Lecithin daily with food - and guess what - everything`s normal!

    I love a success story.

  7. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I noticed this was your first post.Please fill out the bio so we all know why you are here.What we share in common and such.
    It makes it easyier for people to take someone serious if we know why they came to our board.
    Welcome again I'm looking forward to reading your bio.
  8. lbuchanan3

    lbuchanan3 New Member

    I too am a Diabetes II person. My doctor didn't start me on meds for about two months after I found out I was diabetic because she wanted me to learn how much food can cause the sugars to rise or drop.

    I was tested at 415 when I found out and in the first two months I was able to lower it to an average of 150 two hours after eating.

    I now take one pill a day to keep my levels going at 90 to 120, but have been doing pretty well two years later.

    The secret is in balancing your protiens and carbs. You want more protein in your diet than carbs and you need lots of green vegetables. By green vegetables I mean stay away from the corn and potatoes (both of which are mostly starch that turn into glucose) and substitute brocolli and salads. And of course cut out all sugar and limit the carbs.

    Also I think of the portions on my plate, for example, the meat should be 1/4th of the plate, fruit or bread 1/4th and the green vegetables 1/2 of the plate. That is an easy way to portion control and to visualize what you need the most.

    My mother and I both have found that eating salad (with no dressing) can quickly reduce our sugars on a high day. So eat a salad for lunch and one with the dinner.

    I personally found it to be a good idea not to be put on meds right away. I would have had more swings of low to high blood sugar if the doctor put me on meds for an average sugar count of 415 instead of waiting and doing it for the 150-160 average I brought it down to on my own. I would have found it much harder to realize that what I ate affected my sugars (as opposed to thinking that what I ate was not important because the medicine would take care of it).

    As it was I was on only a 15mg tab of Actos once a day for over two years, then I had to take a medicine that increases blood sugars, and will soon be having to get injections of steroids into my spine for disc problems so only recently got put on 30 mg. just to get me through this time when my sugars will be hard to control because of other medication issues.

    Diabetes is really pretty easy to get control of usually if she just approaches it with confidence she can do it. It is scary though because it does get harder the older she gets, my mom has been a diabetic for 40 years and only had to go on insulin about two years ago after her sugars got completely out of control due to mismanagement in the hospital when she had pneumonia. She is 84 now.

    She is lucky too, like me, because now she can use Splenda which taste just like sugar in her coffee and tea. And later when she does get better contol she can introduce treats once in a while like an apple pie slice made with Splenda instead of sugar, or splenda pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner. Just remember portions with protien allow for treats.

    Oh one more tip. She also needs to have lots of fruit with her protein, but here is the tricky part, banana's can really increase sugar as can oranges, but apples, strawberries, and mellons can help lower it. So stay with those. And no canned fruit!!! I usually eat fruit with breakfast (good sub for hashbrowns) with eggs and bacon, and a yummy diabetic snack is strawberries with sugar free yogurt. Make sure you read the back of the yogurt carton and get one that has under 6 grams of carbohydrate or 4 sugar grams. Actually that goes for anything canned, read the gram and sugar content on everything because sometimes there are hidden sugars.

    Good luck.
  9. patches25

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    My brother keeps his blood sugar under control with his med and with a product called glucotrim which is an herb. There is some good research on that. E.

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