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    I am 54 years old and have major helth issues already, now this. I am a diabetic, have Hashimotos' Thyroid and a year ago diagnosed with cirrhosis. I have never drank..mine is from NASH or fatty liver. I am severly overweight and need knee replacement. That said....now this. I had been hurting from my hair to my toe nails for months and just though that my arthritis was getting really worse. Went to an arthritis doc and he told me it was fibro. He was VERY rude...like if I would loose with it would cure me...and to "retrain" my brain. Reminded me of the doc on the TV show "House". He gave me samples of Savella. After reading the side effects, I was scared to take it. I went to a new internist closer to me a week later. He really wanted me to try the Savella. I have been on it since Monday night...so far no side effects. They won't give me anyRX's for pain because of the cirrhosis. I addition to all of the body pain, I am having horrible daily headaches. Tylenol (which they don't want me to take) does nothing for them. I take Ambien at night for sleep apnea. I have very restless nights..sleep while...hurt...toss, turn. ANY info, tips, suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about the grab bag of medical
    problems. A lot of us here have several DDs (damned diseases). Really
    more than our fair share.

    I am hoping when Obama's new medical program gets going, it will have a
    quota. Like, you can only have 2 or 3 bad conditions at any one time.

    Let me give you a brief tour. There is a board at this site for fibromyalgia and
    chronic fatigue syndrome. You may want to post there. See the upper right hand corner. You can find the board rules in the same location.

    This board is not only therapeutic for me; it is my social life. Drop by the chit
    chat board if you'd like to discuss topics such as family, music, pets, etc.

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    As to the daily headaches, I suffer from migraines and was referred to a fabulous neurologist. In fact, this month I start with headaches and they roll into migraines. The neurologist does an occiptal neural block (ONB) and that helps very much with pain and with stopping the migraines for a period of time. (I had an ONB this morning at his office--fast and works wonders). You may want to investigate this to help with the daily headaches. If I have the ONB and have a migraine at the time, it gets rid of the migraine and pain within two minutes. For some people an ONB lasts a year, for others it lasts 6 months, for me it lasts 60 days.

    Upon first seeing the neurologist he told me his priority was to "break up" the daily migraines because they get into a pattern and breaking that up is important. Keep that in mind when people discuss headache treatment for daily headaches (which may be migraines and you may just believe you have a bad headache).

    The neurologist told me he found that a percentage of people with migraines suffer from sleep apnea and the sleep apnea actually causes the migraines. I was tested and could not get to sleep as they wanted me on my back for the test--with my back injuries, I can't sleep on my back and they wouldn't listen. So your sleep apnea may be contributing to your headaches. The neurologist was prepared to help me with the sleep apnea if my test was positive.

    I so want for you to get a good doctor that will communicate with you in a kind and respectful manner (not like the arthritis doctor that said you had fibro). I then would want that good doctor to communicate with other doctors and manage your care. You seem to be missing that.

    Another thought that comes to mind is that the HMO medical insurance center that I have now has a chiropractor and some other natural doctors to assist. I wish you could go to a natural doctor to assist you with your eating to try to eat the food that may also help to best support your liver, your brain, your arthritis, etc.

    Best of luck and many hugs.