Diagnosed...but now what?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cyndeebee, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. cyndeebee

    cyndeebee New Member

    I'm fortunate enough to have a good family doctor. After months and months of seeing me in his office for one ailment or another, he finally did diagnose me with FM. So that's the good part.
    He gave me Tylenol with codeine for pain, and a mild sleeping pill. I've also been on Cipralex for anxiety for about a year.
    But the trouble is that he sternly tells me that I can't just give up. I don't want to give up. It's not in my nature...but what does FM mean to my way of life?
    I currently have a contract position as an Energy Technician, but the contract runs out in November, and after that, I can't collect Employment Insurance, I'm not in a position (physically) to work outside of my home - because, as most of you know, there's no way of predicting whether you'll be having a good day, a so-so day, or a bad day.
    (And I suspect that I'm going to suffer in the winter...just like I did last winter...)
    My doctor cautioned me about getting into online support groups. He seems to think that it's a forum for self-pity, and he doesn't want me to get caught up in that mindset.
    So I'm kind of caught up in a Catch-22...
    I want to do as much as I am capable of doing, but at the same time, I'm trying to understand this syndrome, the impact it will have on my life...
    And reality check: I suffer if I try to keep up with my old lifestyle. Big time, I suffer. I went to bed at 9 last night, took a Tylenol, almost screaming with the agony in my legs...because I didn't stop yesterday when I should have.

    Any suggestions? How do I not engage in so-called self-pity (and I don't believe I do...I'm an optimist), but at the same time, learn to live my life with FM?

    What is my outlook for work? How do I support myself? What kinds of jobs should I be looking into?

  2. nitedreamer

    nitedreamer New Member

    You may want to ask your Dr. about the new medicine for FM. Lyrica does wonders for the pains in the legs, and the rest of the body also.
    Living with FM, something that happens with time. Your body will adjust to FM, and your brain will let you know that you need to slow down.
    Also there is alot of useful info on the net for FM. Im still learning from day to day.

    As for work, each person varies on working. I worked a "heavy duty" job, which I had to quit. I now am embarrassed to be living on welfare, waiting for a disability hearing. I hope you will find strength in this site.
  3. 3gs

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    What kind of doctor tells you to not get envoled in having support and people who understand whats going on?

    Yes there are days when you need to say poor me and there is nothing wrong with that. There is alot of good info on this site and I think folks here know more than docs do.

    Only you can determine how you are doing. Trust me your body will let you know(legs) when you have gone to far.

    Has this doc not given you any meds? perhaps he doesnt want you on line because youll find out ignorant he is about this dd.

    Possible to work from home? part time?

    best of luck
  4. cyndeebee

    cyndeebee New Member

    My sister agrees with what you say. My family doctor is caring and devoted to his patients, but it's likely time for a change. He's always seen me as a strong and independent woman, so part of his warning/criticism may be a reflection of that.

    I see myself as STILL strong, and I hope I can stay independent. You're right. Only we (people with FM) can know what they can and cannot do on any given day. I'm still pushing myself too hard most days, but I'm determined to master the fine art of knowing when to slow down, stop...whatever.

    I'll start looking for a doctor in my own area (my family doctor is half an hour away), and hopefully I'll find one who is willing to work with me so that I can make the most of life, but not be unrealistic about what I can still accomplish as far as career goes.

    And I agree...The support from people who are in the same boat is wonderful. I see a lot of empathy and strength here.


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