Diagnosed w/ Lupus and just prescribed Septra

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    Hi all I am new to this board and have found some comfort in reading all of your experiences.Bieng new to all this I am a little confused and overwhelmed. A little history about meI am 29 now and all this started at 15 when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, was sick off and on through the years.I got married in 99 and started trying to have babies.In between having my 3 children I had multiple miscarriages which resulted finally in 2004 my ob test me for various things and she diagnosed me with Antiphospholipid syndrome. Didn't hear anything about possible Lupus then though.Just this year I switched primary Dr's and with my history with the other 2 conditions he did a initial work up and tested me for Everything.My ANA was neg but my anti-ds DNA was positive (that was confusing,ANA neg??). With all that combined plus my current symptoms of fatigue, achiness and frequent infections he diagnosed me with SLE this May and sent me to a Rume. I was put on Plaquinil 6 weeks ago untill Last week when it was making me so nausous I cut it in half and then developed a upper respitory infection.He took me off my Plaqunil while I am sick and prescribed me Septra which leads me to my questions.My RX papers say Plaquinil is a antimalarial that helps by supressing the immune system.When I asked my Rume He told me it wasn't immune supressing but took me off while iam sick anyways?? My next confusion is He rx'ed me septra which every website I have seen says not to or to be careful taking sulfates because they can CAUSE Lupus or bring on a flare in exsisting Lupus??? Dr says it's fine,maybe for short term??? Also He tells me according to stable bloodwork #'s I am in remission and yet I have so many symptoms still. It scares me to think what will happen when it decides to be active.EEK So much info,so confusing!!!

    Thanks all what a blessing to be able to talk to others that understand!

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    When in doubt, get a second opinion from another Rheumatologist. I cannot take Prednisone for Lupus as I am allergic to Prednisone, so I take generic Plaquenil and it is used for Lupus. Not every doctor is up on lupus and everything about it. That's why I say you may want to get copies of all your blood work tests and see another doctor. Good luck. Also, there is a lupus message board here and that is another place to post for you. Hugs.