Diagnosed with CFS 3 years ago now told that I have Candida

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Nanook74, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Nanook74

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    Has anyone else had this happen?? Apparently Candida has the same symptoms as Chronic Fatigue and is sometimes misdiagnosed. I found this out last week, after thinking for years that I was suffering from CFS and following a CFS diet, which was wrong as it was feeding the Candida. Would be interested to hear from anyone else who may also have had the same thing, and be suffering from it.
  2. shelbo

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    that all your symptoms are attributable to that rather than to CFS? And what is the CFS diet that you say you have been following which you are told runs counter to that advised for those suffering instead with Candida?

    As far as I am aware, the Candida diet is touted as being suitable for those with CFS as it excludes many foods which can be problematic for us? What were you eating that you believe made your CFS better but the Candida worse? I know many with CFS can also be stricken with Candida but I do not believe that this rules out that you don't also have CFS.

    Often CFS sufferers have Candida as a symptom of their CFS, I think. Treating the Candida though, if you do have it, will improve CFS symptoms usually. A better diet can only have a positive effect on a compromised immune system, can't it?

    You can't be sure, of course, that you are not allergic to some 'healthy foods' but Candida cuts out some major possible allergens like dairy, gluten, yeast, molds etc with the added benefit of additive and sugar avoidance (esp white sugar which is like poison to our poor systems!), not to mention processed food many of which contain God knows what!

    Would love to hear more from you...

  3. Nanook74

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    Basically I went to a medical practitioner who works ideally with all natural health products. I was at my wits end as I had been going to the dr as well as trying everything that I could and getting little or no results. Whilst on the chronic fatigue diet I had been eating things like dried apricots and nuts etc, which you are not allowed on the Candida diet, and since cutting these out I have started feeling a lot better. I was also not eating pasta on the CFS diet, have started eating a little of it again and again have started feeling great. For years I have had very dark black rings under my eyes, when I went to this woman she told me they are called allergy shiners and are linked with the Candida, as I have had very bad thrush since I was a teenager (I am now 31), and have suffered for nearly twenty years with this. I am aware that I could still have CFS on top of this, but it is a relief to know that I may at last have the answer to how bad I have been feeling for all these years.
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    i had candida after a hysterectomy & several courses of antibiotics...i was very very sick...once the yeast died off was even sicker until i got some of the toxins out of my body....it was a long slow process. I also have hashi's/hypo/fibro/non-specific autoimmune disease....i think the candida was the worst! Used nystatin, diflucan, & a sugar & yeast free diet to get rid of it. I panic now when I need an antibiotic ... & always take probiotics when I am sick ....Candida gets easy to diagnos when you have thrush or vaginal yeast but when it is in the sinuses, gut & esphogaus it is harder to dx. I became allergic & sensitive to everything & had major head fog with it.
  5. shelbo

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    Were you highly reactive to chemicals in your Candida years and, if so, now you have treated it are you better able to tolerate chemicals in the environment ie. cleaning stuff, cosmetics, perfumes etc? Thanks, Shelbo
  6. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

  7. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    what exactly is candida? I am fairly new here and was only diagnosed with FM & CFS 2 months ago. I was at my family doctor this evening asking him for some blood tests to be done for various things I had read about on here. He told me that there isn't a test for candida, and to try and avoid anything containing yeast.

    would appreciate any info

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