Diagnosed With Low Vitamin D

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. joeb7th

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    Got my results back from the Rhuemotologist.
    Blood work showed " Very Low Vitamin D Level "

    Prescribed OVC ( Over The Counter ) Vitamin D, 2,000 milligrams for 3 months.
    Can anyone here share with me info about this ?

    What kind is best and easy to digest ( I have damaged middle intestine and absorption problems ) and whether I should take this with Calicium and Magnesium?

    What could this have done to me regarding all my body pains, stresses, cold sensitivites, Itching and anxiety and depression? How can it help?

    Any risk in taking this much?

    How soon might I feel a difference?

    Thanks, Member
  2. I just yesterday got bloodwork done after my pain clinic appointment, to check my vitamin D(3) level, and B12, also, and the NP at the clinic told me, also, that if it's low, I would be put on a 2,000 mg multi-vitamin also.

    I wonder also, how my digestive system will tolerate this, as I too have MANY digestive diseases, (basically from my esophagus to my A$$hole- pardon my language, but, it is the truth..)

    Also, chronic pancreatitis, which in the past, has also been triggered into painful (excrutiating) spasms, but, normally pain medications have been the culprit.

    In the past, my Integrative Doc, was doing large vitamin I.V. 's on me, due to that very fact, of worrying not only about the pain & other problems I might have with oral supplementation, but, also, having my guts so torn up, I do have malnutrition, and so, he was also concerned that, since I don't get the nutrients I should be from food, that I also would not, from oral vitamins/supplements,

    I had to stop seeing him, unfortunately, since he was completely out of pocket pay, and the *weekly* I.V.'s alone, were $121.00 a week, sometimes with a B12 shot added in along with that "banana bag" (they call it that, due to it's bright yellow color) of I.V. vitamins..

    Also, in the past, magnesium, & calcium, several vitamins, supplements I'm deficient in, have caused me terrible digestive distress...

    For some reason, no one in my family (mom, sis, myself) can tolerate calcium, at any dose. I don't know if my vitamin I.V.'s contained that, but, I do know it had some magnesium in it, as well as a lot of B vitamins, D, and I think probably potassium...

    I'll let you know when I know more, myself, re: the deficiency, and the 2,000mg supplement..

    I'm sure, as far as how *soon*, that, of course goes back to 'everyone's body is different' you may not feel anything, either, unfortunately, but, can have piece of mind, that at least a known deficiency is being addressed...

    I never felt benefit from my I.V.'s, and, would even have to come home & rest after them, always... but, I did feel that it probably helped me not get sick every winter/spring, etc..

    The same with my B12 shots, I didn't notice a difference at all, with them, but, I am considering asking to be put on them again, since I have been deficient in the past.

    Vitamin D, I do know, can affect many things, including immune system function, brain function, depression, etc.

    Good Luck,

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    I myself tested in the low normal range for vitamin D, however I recently started taking 2000mg vitamin D daily in addition to my multi and all I can say is WOW!! I started reading so much about it here and then also other recent articles on the web and figured it couldn't hurt to try. My pain levels have gone down and energy is up :) For the last two weeks I can get out of bed, cook dinner and take my kids to school. Not what I was doing before I got sick but the difference is amazing.

    If you have digestive and absorption issues you should consider sublingual forms of supplements. I know that Solaray makes a sublingual vitamin D that comes in 1000mg dose and is lemon flavored... my four year old calls it his sunshine candy. You just hold it under your tongue until it dissolves and it completely bypasses the gastrointestinal system. There are brands of B12 and MB12 that are sublingual also, and I'm sure other vitamins too.
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    you may have to order it on-line. It's bio-d mulsion:


    It's easy to take. You can put the drops on food and don't even notice. I think it took about a week to feel better. Helped w/ insomnia, achiness etc. I have chronic low levels so I get it checked periodically and take one large dose of D a month to maintain. The one I take each month is oily & they said I can mix it on a salad and take it that way. Makes it very easy to take!

    Make sure you get D3. D2 won't work. It's the synthetic vs. real thing. It's also true of vitamins. For example Centrum and all those are synthetic. Even ones that are "natural" only have to be 25% natural. Many vitamins are not absorbed. One Dr. explained it as trying to put a left handed glove on your right hand. It's a mirror image, but it doesn't "fit" so the body can't use it.


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