Diagnosed with Naproxen (Aleve) induced Vulva Litchen Planus

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. sharon5650

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    I have recently been diagnosed with Naproxen (Aleve)induced Vulva Litchen Planus. It has been one of the worst things you can ever imagine. I had been taking this drug on a regular basis for pain. Presently I'm on a steroid cream, and a freezing jelly for the pain. It has been one heck of a long process and I m not to sure when it'll be all over either. The hospital took a biopsy the other day, as if it is not caught in time, there is a chance it could develop into to cancer. This is one anti-inflammatory drug that should really be taken off the market, the side affects can kill you.

    Naproxen induced Vulva Litchen Planus
  2. TeaBisqit

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    I was given high doses of Naproxen years ago for pain. And it was before they knew it could really ruin your stomach. Well, now I've got permanent Acid Reflux/GERD and I am certain it's from the Naproxen. I think it permanently damaged my stomach lining. I never heard of the condition you have, though. But I'm not surprised.
  3. mjbean

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    put on Naproxen and holy buckets did I ever bruise. I have always bruised easily but man this is terrible. I look like someone has beat me.
    Wow I am seriously going to stop taking this medication just to many side effects
    Thanks for the scoop...
  4. findmind

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    I am so sorry to hear this. You must be not only miserable, but so brave, too, to have that painful problem.

    I knew someone else who had that, but don't know if it was medicine related.

    Just wanted to let you know my GERD was permanently (for 5 years now) healed with a course of Prevacid. I can eat anything I want with no GERD.

    It's terrible the way drs will let us take these anti-inflammatory meds on a regular basis, indefinitely. I have begun to think they don't really care how many of their patients die...there are always more to replace them.

    I hope you heal completely and never have to worry about cancer ever again.

    Hugs galore,

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