diagnosied with bipolar I worried

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolfenn43, May 31, 2006.

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    can being bipolar make it hard to keep a job 05/31/06 11:58 PM

    Newly diagnosised @ 45.Working at teh same job 3 yrs. And Constantly " being told Im not pulling my weight,not being a team player, not very social with the other employes,mood swings,not multi tasts, etc.
    I am telliing my boss I just cant believe it. Ive NEVER had these problems in my life at a jo. In fact just the oppisite.
    I hadblammed the girls at workand my boss that I am starting to resent due to the fact that she disrepects me, and to top it off Im 7 yrs older thatn her.

    So can this disease cause problems on the job?

    Imtaking a hard honest look at the last few yrs and its scaring me. I dont want to be bi polar I already have fibromylagia
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    Good for you that you are taking a honest look at all. You have what it takes to get through this. By asking you are part way there.

    Bi-polar is common anymore, I know so many that has this. But I also know it it sometimes the wrong label. But regardless.......find a good counslor and try different meds. They can make a tremendous difference in your outlook on life and how you deal with all.

    I have seen this make such a wonderful difference with folks. They start enjoying life more,and all will enjoy you more.

    If you have it it is no difference, in my mind, from having diabetis or such. With Bi-polar it is a chemical problem in your brain, Other is a sugar regulation problem and meds can help that. I am only comparing the two, you do not have both. I am only pointing out that we take meds for many things to regulate our bodies and minds. Do not be afraid of that and it sometimes takes a little time to find the right meds for you. Keep the faith.

    Wishing you all good things and better days ahead......
    Love and Blessings..........Susan

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    that are bi polar.There are different levels/types(like 1 or 2).The thing is,every person that I know,has to take medication.The thing is,not all medication works the same. And sometimes it take yrs. to get the right kind/right doseage.It's a trial and error thing.
    Some people can work like nothing is wrong,and some people end up being disabled.
    The thign is,it is hard not to be 'moody' when you have any pain problem.
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    with very successful results and no side effects. They are looking into bi-polar as an amino acid deficiency. Many doctors also now treat depression with B vitamins. Look at a website called new hope or something like that. They came up with a supplement for bi-polar. Bi-polar runs in my family. I can count 10 close relatives with it. We either have bi-polar or an autoimmune disease. We also have a genetic defect with neurotransmitter acetylcholine. I have always wondered about the connection. Anyway talk to me anytime about this. I was also diagnosed but told the doctor that he was nuts, my mood swings were organic, I could feel it. I am much better now with B12 shots and supplements.

    Wendyc :)
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    As you know, being bipolar is a daily challenge. Some days more so than others!

    I see a counselor from time to time, and see an nurse practioner every month for my med review. If I feel my self start to slip, it is difficult knowing that I have to go through trial and error again. There is always something which eventually makes a positive difference.

    Double whammy when you are dealing with fibro or any other chronic disease. When my fibro flares, it heightens my depression and sometimes causes mood swings. That is usually taken out on my family, I am sorry to say.

    I have very good days being bipolar. Others are normal and some just plain out stink. Thank heaven, I know I have a specialist who can help me when need. Do you have a doctor you see for the BP? If not, please find someone you are comfortable with.

    Gentle Hugs,


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    Once I found the right meds my bi-polar was virtually non-existant. The trick to it is to remember when you get to feeling better you still need to take your meds.

    I haven't been formely diagnosed with fibro but become more and more certain everyday I am headed towards that diagnosis too. Being tired and aching is my get me down.

    Good luck with the bipolar, you will do great once your medication is stabilized.


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