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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1975jet, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Hi all- I have not been on the board alot- but lurking here and there... I seen my therapist yesterday- told her I am dx'ing myself with PPS and possibly Fibro- you know it is funny when you start really listening to your body after all these years.....

    So, I will remain on this board if that is ok with y'all- professionally undiagnosed by the medical people BUT self dx'd by myself- Now, I am taking Vicodin for pain & Flexeril for spasms as needed. Since Fibro & Post Polio are so similiar- except with Fibro they want you to exercise more and PPS- do stretches and water therapy but BE carelful....
    Hope everyone is having a nice day- weather stinks here...
  2. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hi Jet

    Welcome to this board. I think you will find that a lot of us here diagnosed ourselves long before we ever got a medical diagnosis.

    I find the issue of exercise to be very confusing. A lot of what I read about FM implies that we will improve with exercise.

    I think keeping moving is important with FM otherwise we become even more stiff and in pain. However the amount of exercise is difficult to judge. For me most exercise other than slow walking causes increased fatigue.

    It is a hard subject to judge and there are so many mixed opinions on it. I find that when talking to medical people they all say "exercise and you will feel better". without any attempt to judge what sort of exercise or even what amount....

    hugs Redwillow
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  3. tinktink

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    Hi Janet. I am right there with you on diagnosing yourself. I was diagnosed with FM a few months ago but after doing a lot of reading since then I believe I also have CFS and have had it for many a moon. I have been a drug resistant depressive since the late 1980's and have tried the whole list of antidepressants out there, therapies etc. Now I believe the problem was not in my head but in my body. I could just never figure out why I was always so tired and unmotivated even when my life was actually very good and happy. Well now I think I know. I am going to the doc on the 7th of Nov to discuss it with her but regaurdless of what she says I still feel I finally have an answer that makes sense to me.
    Best Wishes Diana
  4. MsE

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    I didn't diagnosed myself with CFS; however, I most certainly did diagnose myself that something was definitely wrong rather than accept the word of the internal medicine guy I saw in Seattle whho said there was nothing wrong with me. He was soooooo condescending. Gaaarrrrr.
  5. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Yea, the doctors look at yah like you are NUTS.... at least alot do. I told my therapist that is my story and I am sticking to it.... She agreed, but she still wants me to get some tests down -Just to rule out a couple- that is easier said then done- especially with no insurance But I started working on charitable hospital at least for tests- everything takes so dang long to get BUT i am a survivor and keep on goin' -

    Be well everyone and by the way I have been on this board for awhile now. Just do not post much... Hey Hayley- see I learned it all from you..

  6. Of course I diagnosed myself and got theball going.I have been told I have ra or at least elevated r a test.
    But I have alot of experience,since my hubby has had fybro for 5 years.You have to be your own advocate, because if there isn't a test to determine what we have, the doctor is going tohave a harder time diagnosing it. Ruthie
  7. 1975jet

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    I just think that we know our bodies better.... and being that these illnesses (well there is not definite test)I think you could spend thousands of $$ on tests and get no where- yes, sometimes it is necessary- but with a disease that can be dx'd....

    Just decided this is what I have- now I will deal with it the best I can..... Winds are picking up here- we are suppose to get some snow and with 50 mi. winds that can be dangerous- hope our power does not go out---BBRRRRR

    have a good evening Janet
  8. 1975jet

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    Hayley - thanks for info- I have to start a pain log- I have filled out a type of schedule on PPS that I printed off the computer... AHHHH - just so much to take care of and Vern has not been too well right now- so I gotta help him more and it is hard- Anyways, I also have that rotten IBS- but I watch what I eat- but sometimes I can tell it is the stress that brings it on and not the eating...

    When I seen the GI doctor last year(I had insurance) she told me I have to stay away from dairy products- well the only thing I really cut out was yogurt- I still drink my no fat milk and cheese(can't stop that) - I noticed a differene without the yogurt- which I would eat everyday(miss it) - I had one of those fun colonoscopies(then you know you are getting older) - it showed I had Diviticulosis - so I also have to stay away from seeds, nuts(which i Love) blah,blah - heck to get old - hhuh???

    My therapist notices that I have problems with cognitive thinking- and I am ever forgetting that one word that makes the conversation complete.... Have been like that for a long time- OH well- just gotta deal with it- BUT I think I am heading in the right track. Thanks for your input it really helps me.... Last time I saw my reg. MD-only see her once in awhile now(No money) - she thought more I may have FM- BUT I think I have more PPS- and maybe some FM- she did agree that if I could to see a Polio clinic- so at least she may believe me..... I really like her- have been seeing her for over 8 years now- BUT I just think she was not happy because I did not mention things about Polio as a child while I had been on insurance(just not something you are familiar with) If you had Polio as a child- you just forgot about it as you kept going... Not a conversation you bring up...

    Well I better go sorry so long- Hugs

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