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    Hi there,

    I will try to keep it short. I started having symptoms off and on for a couple of years. In Oct. 05, the symptoms (pain/numbness on left side of body and severe fatigue(head, neck, arm, back, leg, etc)..to include face..does anyone else have numbness in face and pain pressure in ear?) Anyway, 3 normal MRI's later (and a rude neurologist), I am being referred to Rheumatologist for FM screening. After reading the posts here, I am almost sure that I have FM. My family doctor has prescribed cyclobenziprine and lyrica. Just started taking the lyrica (I feel like I'm drunk most of the day) I am sooo glad I found this website and board!
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    Welcome to the Board. Seeing a rheumy is a good first step. If he/she is any good, they will evaluate you right then and there and give you a diagnosis. You may continue to be provided care by the rheumy, or sometimes even by your PCP if he/she is capable.

    There is tons of information on this board for you to check out and never be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions here.
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    someone here that can answer your questions or to listen to you.

    For FM, they rule everything else out with blood work. There are pressure points on your body that will help you identify if you have FM. The back of the neck, the shoulders, inside of elbows, hips, knees etc. If you push any of these and it feels like someone hit you with a baseball bat, you may have FM. A rheumatologist is the one we usually go to with FM. Although some go to a neurologist, and some just use their family dr.

    My FM is worse on my right side but others do not have a certain side. My hands and feet go numb(both sides). Ive had my lips go numb a couple of times. The terrible fatigue is part of it or you may also have CFS. The rheumotologist will help you figure out what is going on.

    Good luck and {{{HUGS}}} this can be a scary time until they find out what is wrong

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    I just wanted to say welcome and to also add that yes I also have the ear problems. I am thinking mine may be from TMJ but have not found out for sure yet.

    In case you didn't know you can also type in a word on the search bar to find good info on certain topics. ;)

    God bless,
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    Hello and welcome to the board. I used to have a lot of numbness in my face and other parts of my body. Since I gave up all artificial sweetners, this has almost completly gone away. I have pain and pressure in my ears when my candida is acting up. Candida might be something you may want to consider.
    Good Luck!!!!
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    Thank you for all the kind words and support. I really feel frustrated and I am so tired of doctors looking at me like I'm crazy! I look forward to building a supportive and positive relationship here.