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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Nancy2189, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Nancy2189

    Nancy2189 New Member

    Hello everyone. Sorry I've been away so long. But I bring good news to anyone who wants to check further with their own doctors. As many of you know, I had horrible burning in my feet for about 18 months. I lived with ice packs under my feet. Well, I changed Podiatrist and she x-rayed my feet and found Morton's Neuroma. I was given an anti-inflammatory medication and received great relief plus the swelling went down to normal. However, I was left with a "freezing" feeling in my toes and ball of my foot. The nerves were pulling at my toes and it felt like the skin on my feet was being stretched; I could not bend my toes.
    When I went back to my Podiatrist for further check-up, she informed me that a new medicine came out on the market on the 21st of Sept. and gave me a prescription for it (Lyrica) After only two capsules, I feel some relief, not a lot but enough to know that this just might be the thing. She said what I have is nerve pain. I hope this info can be of some help to others. I take the Lyrica, 75mg, twice a day.
    Take care all, Nancy
  2. Nancy2189

    Nancy2189 New Member

    Thank you, Elaine! I'll let everyone know how it is working in a couple more days. Nancy
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I happy to hear, Nancy, that you have made an improvement in your foot condition.

    I currently take Neurotin for nerve pain and I have heard that Lyrica is supposed to be a "new and improved" version of it. I'm glad it has helped some.

    Another med that might work well for you is Cymbalta. It's an antidepressant, which all A-D's are supposed to help those in chronic pain, but it also helps and has been approved for diabetics, with neuropathy (nerve pain).

    I take it and love it. It does help on the pain.

    Take care,
  4. ilovecats94

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    I'm glad that is helping you with your nerve problems. I have diabetic neuropathy of the feet, but it isn't so bad that I need yet another med for it. I already take Prozac for chronic pain plus a few other things.

    Keeping my sugar down helps with the pain and even though I'm on a diet, I'm trying to keep my sugar as good as possible.

    Because I'm doing pretty well on the meds I am on now, I hate to switch anything. I know the Neurontin can cause extreme fatigue and I already have fatigue, so would rather leave the Lyrica and Neurontin out. But I am happy it is helping others.

  5. Nancy2189

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    Well, I still see some improvement in my feet. So I will continue the Lyrica for 30 days. My biggest problem is that freezing feeling and the nerves pulling at my toes like the skin is being stretched. I have had a bad day today. I felt completly exhausted and was in and out of bed. I'm thinking maybe the Lyrica doesn't mix well with Ambien and Prozac. I'm going to research this further. I'm not taking the Ambien tonight to see if there is a difference.

    Faye - I didn't know Prozac was ever given for pain. That surprised me.

    Take care all, Nancy
  6. virgo_karen

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    I'm so glad to read your post. I have the same problem. My feet are freezing all the time. Right now I take neurontin and cymbalta. For the freezing pain, I take Lortabs. I have been waiting for Lyrica to come available. I had been reading about it for months.

    My mother passed away, see Thrusday's prayer request, but when I get back I will call and talk to my dr about it. The neurontin does help, but I can only take 900 mg a day, they make me spacey and real tired so I can't take anymore than what I'm taking now.

    Thanks again for posting and be sure to keep us posted

  7. Nancy2189

    Nancy2189 New Member

    The highest dosage of Lyrica is 300mg
  8. Nancy2189

    Nancy2189 New Member

    Karen, this is not going to sound like a "sane" person is telling you this, but honestly it worked. The freezing feeling was making me so upset that I finally thought I would try the same thing I did for the burning feeling. I put my feet on ice and it actually stopped the freezing feeling; the nerves settled down and I could go to sleep.
    I use the ice packs that we use in coolers and spread a thin kitchen towel over them.

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