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    Hi there...frequent lurker here.

    Anyhoo...I just came back from the doctors, where a couple of semi-important things happened.

    First, I found that my diagnosis has changed from FM to CFS. My question for everyone is: have you ever had that happen? How do the two differ as far as my finding a way to manage it?

    Second, I asked the doctor for additional time off of work and suggested the end of the year. At first he said that it seems kind of long, and then said he was concerned that my employer may not be keen about taking such a long time off. I told him that thanks to the previous paperwork I filed, they were expecting me to take 'intermittent' time off until March of next year. When he heard that my employer was not going to fire me because of it, he agreed to do it. He is agreeable to help file any paperwork needed to get me on short-term disability.

    I then asked him if he thought I should go on permanent disability; he responded by saying that was a decision only I could make. My question for this is: what has been your experience in making that decision? What should I consider that I may not be thinking about?

    If I should make two separate posts, let me know.

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