Diagnosis X TLC airs segment on Lyme

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by munch1958, Sep 5, 2007.

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    TLC aired a show called "Diagnosis X" which the final diagnosis was Lyme. It was interesting and will be on again tonight at 1:00 am EST for night owls. The name of this show is "Shattered". There is another story line on at the same time about a baby with a rare brittle bone disease.

    I just finished watching the show. The patient was misdiagnosed with MS and given Solu-Medrol (a steroid) and interferon.

    After she got worse, she was told she had syphillis. Her husband was tested but didn't have a positive test for syphillis. Another rabbit hole.

    A young intern gets one more chance to come up with a correct diagnosis after botching the first two attempts or he's off the case. His theory is the patient's immune system was blunted with the steroids.

    He orders a very expensive "BAT" or "BAC" test for the actual bacteria not the antibody response to the bacteria.

    He keeps calling it "Lyme's" not Lyme disease. I would think they'd at least refer it to borreliosis. Of course she will be magically cured with a few weeks of Abx and get on with her life. Ya-ta-da-da Hollywood!

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