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    I am new to this site but have found lots of great info.
    My question is...On Wednesday I went for a visit with
    my GP well actually a Nurse Practioner...She told me I
    have all the symptoms of fibro....but...since there was
    no cure all you can do is treat the symptoms....????I
    felt like she did not want to dx fibro....She prescribed
    Celebrex...(which i had already told her did no good for
    the pain....Started Wellbutrin XL 150 mg in the morning...
    and to continue the paxil 25 mg at bedtime...And ambien
    10 mg for insomnia....I just was wondering if anyone else
    had been done this way...I mean if I don't have fibro...
    what do i have?????If she didn't believe me why did she
    write the prescriptions???? SOrry this is so rambling.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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    A ruematologist may be able to help you. If you can get your regular doctor to do tests to rule out lupus and all the other things that can be diagnosed with lab work then maybe you can find someone to help you. There are trigger points on your body which will be tender if you have fibro. If you can get "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Fibro" by Dr. Paul St. Amand that will give you a lot of good info. On one of his sites, you can find a list of doctors who believe in his protocol. My daughter was lucky enough to find a chiropractor who was quite informative on the subject (his mother had fibro) and he did wonders for her. She is not cured, but for the most part, if she does what she is supposed to she can manage it. Of course there are bad days when she overdoes or when the flu sneaks up on her etc. but it helped her. Good luck! There are way too many doctors out there who do not believe in something if there is not a definite lab diagnosis. Stay tuned to this site - a lot of good information and lots of support. I am digging through the book "It;s My Ovaries, Stupid" which show there may be a connection between ovarian hormones and a lot of our health problems to include Fibro.
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    That is very interesting about the hormone connection..
    I had severe endometriosis....had 7 surgeries the last
    being total hysterectomy at 29. Never had thought there
    might be a connection....


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    Hi AuntieV,

    It is so important not to let the docs get lazy about ruling out other disorders that can look like FMS, or that may co-exist with it. Your internist usually can order some of the simpler tests like for low thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus if you can't get to a rheumatologist easily. It is important to diagnosis these things early, because the treatment is different from FMS.

    I've been diagnosed with FMS for the last 11 years, but there is clearly inflammation in my joints, which my rheumy has called (at various times) "sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis", "undifferentiated connective tissue disorder", and "autoimmune syndrome". I also have two definite autoimmune disorders that require treatment--hypothyroidism and antiphospholipid syndrome. I take plaquenil and aspirin for the latter and levoxyl for the former, and recently went on a short course of prednisone to break up a bad inflammatory flare. When I asked if it is possible that I have lupus and the plaquenil has stopped working, my rheumy balked at this suggestion, but has given me the blood tests just to make sure. I'm still waiting for the results.

    The point is, you can't just let your docs put you into a pigeon hole. You have to be proactive about getting the right diagnoses and treatment. It is too easy for docs to pronounce that you have FMS when you come in with pain and fatigue, when it could be something that should be treated differently!

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    Have had several different blood tests...thyroid, arthritis,anemia...every thing was fine. (Which I am thankful for)but still having pain, stiffness, brain drain, insomnia..I got the impression she thought I WANTED to be diagnosed with fibro....(I just want to feel better).
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    Hi AuntieV,

    It sounds like your nurse practioner did the right things. When I was first diagnosed with FMS, low dose antidepressants worked really well for sleep, and when I was able to sleep, I could cope with the pain. It's been 11 years since I was diagnosed, and I've run through a bunch of different ADs, and each lost effectiveness over time. But I also have some autoimmune stuff going on, so maybe the drug combo will work for you.

    Good luck!